Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taste of Spring

Holy Moley! It was 70 degrees here today and tomorrow it might hit 80! What a gift this day was after Monday’s frigid temps and a snow flurry. The robins were out checking for new nest real estate. Nothing like robin riffs floating in the air. In Missouri a certain number of robins stay for the winter but move to hedge rows and forested areas where they feed on fruits. But this time of year, they and their migrating cousins return ready to dive into moist earth for the gourmet meals of worms. I am glad they are back and wanted to turn over the bird baths for their water. But DH said we need to wait for at least two more weeks. Well, I guess if the almanac is correct, we have a big snow again near the 24th—next week!

But today was the last of winter Bible study and all of us were glad. Heavy Matthew was wearing thin with us especially with the sun shining today. After Bible I did a darting around Wal-Mart for some food items. It seems that food never ends at this house. Our new favorite is a parfait glass of fresh pears, blueberries, and strawberries topped with lemon yogurt. It is refreshing after pots and pots of those winter soups.

Then I spied Lowe’s Garden Center was open across the street. I could not make the car go on by; the wheels turned into the lot, and I had to steal some looks. Oh, I wanted to bring so many things home, but I didn’t dare. However I did get some pansies to replace the Hens and Chicks that my mean squirrels dug up and ate this winter. There is not ONE left. I welcomed the pansy faces for color and know they can take the cold. I also bought one fern to start the season because I know they too can survive down to 28 degrees. And I can bring in one mere fern for overnight if need be. Today I needed the new life on the deck.

My friend had just given me this delightful bench she had bought and changed her mind on using herself. I have such nice friends, and they contribute many things to my deck. I think of my deck as a communal outdoor living room! Can’t wait until it is tea time out there too!

I carried out some books today but never got a thing read. Distractions of all kinds kept my mind busy and the warm sun—well, it gave me spring fever. However, I want to tell you about a new publication that was in my mailbox that I know I am going to love when I get to it. Someone posted on their blog about submitting to First Line. They are now open for submissions until May, 2011. They give you the first starter line and you finish a piece of fiction for them. For full details go to My issue cost $3 and the first line of all the pieces in the pages is “Sam is a loyal employee”. The publication is just the right size for sticking in your pocket and taking along or maybe reading on your deck.         


noexcuses said...

Last Monday was a nightmare at school! But, we survived. I, too, loved the weather today, and just can't believe that we are not done with the snow!

Thanks for the headsup on thefirstline. I will definitely check it out.

Love this post!

Rebecca said...

It wasn't QUITE that warm here, but all the signs are pointing toward spring! I DID venture out to pick up a couple of limbs that had fallen. The ground was still too squishy to do much w/o a mess.

I ♥ the description of your deck - "a communal outdoor living room"! It looks very inviting already.

Betty Craker Henderson said...

That was such a lovely post about the spring of today. It was so hectic around here I didn't get to look out at it much. Hubby developed a bad back, taxes are biting at my heels, I knocked the top off a tooth and now I need a crown and didn't get to that giant retail store until 5 p.m. so about all I noticed was a lone robin and that gorgeous setting scarlet sun but springtime IS're right.....and I'm glad, glad, glad!

BECKY said...

Hi Claudia! Yes, wasn't that weather fabulous for a day or so? We had a record hi temp here of something like 83 or 84 one of those days....then it got cooler again and rainy tonight. Oh well...that's spring, isn't it? Thank goodness winter is over!..Sort of! Love the adorable deck chair your friend gave you! It's adorable!!