Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Freeze? Again?

Oh, rats! The temperature is falling and frost warnings are out for tonight. Rain is on the way, a wintry mix is possible for the weekend. The almanac says our area is to have a snowstorm between the 24th and 28th. Oh, golly, oh gee....I was DONE with winter. But tonight I dragged in the fern, shut the drapes, turned up the furnace and now grumble.

I made a run to Wal-mart this morning so cooking supplies would be in for nasty weather. Tonight I made a new dish, Pushpa's Curry. I am not overly fond of curry, but this recipe was easy and fast and tasty. Although the original cook used lamb or monkey in the recipe, I don't care for mutton and the monkey market was closed today! It uses coconut, peppers, peas, and curry among other things. I found the recipe on my friend's new blog, Grandma's Orchard. Find the recipe and visit Kathleen at

I added a new Greek salad to the meal which was as good as Pushpa's Curry over rice. Really, I think any salad can be Greek when you toss in feta cheese, Kalamata olives and shake up a biting oil and vinegar dressing. I am so ready for fresher vegetables and salad fixings. I did find some nice radishes today. But oh, some nice tomatoes and cukes and food grown in real dirt...doesn't the idea of seeing the Farmer's Market again sound good! Until then, I guess I will keep those bean pots and vegetable soups going for the weekend. If it is cold outside, it will also still be tea and toast weather too. Bring on the butter! These hips can take it!


Ames said...

Sorry about the snow my friend. And maybe I shouldn't say I purchased tons of veggies today... Butter lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, cukes, yellow crooked neck squash, Romaine lettuce, scallions..but I did....I will say a little prayer for the snow to be done snowing and may you have a the salad of all salads soon...very soon!
P.S. Bella has a new home. Stop by and read about it.~Ames

Susan said...

Oh Claudia, you are so funny. I feel the same way, though. Give me an hour at a farmer's market and I'll be so happy. I want flowers and tomatoes and SUN! At least we didn't get several inches of snow...about a half inch dusting. Still chilly. Oh well, it'll wrap up eventually and spring will be blessedly here.Susan