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Lebanon Poets’ Society

5th Annual Poetry Contest

Deadline: Dec 3, 2010

Format: send two copies of each poem, include category and name of poem on both copies in left corner; on one copy include name and address in right corner.

Limits: poems should be 36 or fewer lines. Poets may enter as many poems as they wish in any category. Poems will not be returned. Poets retain the rights to their poems.

Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.


1. Rhymed or blank verse, any subject

2. Free verse, any subject

3. Poet’s choice: any form, serious or humorous

Fees: $3.00 per poem. Make checks payable to Velvet Fackeldey.

Prizes: $25, $15, $10, and honorable mention in each category.

Mail entries to:

Nancy LaChance

14940 Hwy 64

Lebanon, MO. 65536



    CATEGORIES    

1. FREE VERSE POEMS Any Subject 40 lines/fewer

2. FORMAL STRUCTURED POEMS Any Subject 40 lines/fewer

Any classical form such as sonnet, triolet,

rhyming couplets, etc. Form must be named.

3. CONTEMPORARY FORM POETRY Poet’s Choice 40 lines/fewer

Modern form or theme poetry.

4. HUMOROUS POEMS Poet’s Choice 40 lines/fewer

5. HAIKU or SENRYU Haiku-Nature 5-7-5 syllables

Senryu-Man & Nature

6. P & F MEMBERS ONLY! Poet’s Choice 120 lines/fewer

7. STUDENT DIVISIONS: Division I Middle School (6-8)

Division II High School (9-12)

For more information on the Student Divisions: Contact Don DePriest at

$$$$ $$$$$ P R I Z E S $$$$ $$$$$




1. GENERAL: All poems must be unpublished, 40 lines or fewer (Categories 5 & 6 excepted). Poems should be typewritten and single-spaced. No poems will be published or returned. Poems that have previously won Poets and Friends Springfield, MO, Cash Prizes will be disqualified. Please check the judging guidelines on the reverse of this sheet.

2. NUMBER: Poets may enter a maximum of THREE poems in each Contest Category and all will be eligible for prizes.

3. DEADLINE: All entries must be postmarked by November 30, 2010. P&F will not be responsible for lost or misdirected or postage due entries.

4. FORMAT: Submit one copy of each poem with only the Category name and number in the upper left hand corner. For Categories 2 & 5, the poetic form (i.e., sonnet, triolet, rhyming couplets, haiku, senryu, etc.) MUST also be stated in upper left hand corner. Submit ONE cover sheet that lists ALL poems entered by category name, poem‟s title and first line. Also include the author‟s name, address, phone number and email on the cover sheet ONLY.

5. FEES: $1.00 per poem for categories 1-6. Make checks out to “Poets and Friends.” NO FEES in Student Categories.

6. SEND Annual Contest Entries and Fees to Send STUDENT Entries to

M J Becco, Contest Ch Don DePriest, Student Ch

3025 N East Ave 1241 W Vancouver

Springfield, MO 65803 Springfield, MO 65803

(No E-Mail submissions accepted.)

7.WINNERS will be announced at the December Poets and Friends Winter Celebration and Awards Ceremony in Springfield, MO. Send a SASE with your entries for the Contest Winners List, mailed the last week in December.

For more information, Contest: E-mail:  Call: (417) 818-5046 

Student Entries: Call: (417) 833-4839 

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