Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Poem

Autumn Hiatus

The cabin nestles into the mountainside,

Snug like a raisin in dough,

Porch jutting over vetch and yellow primroses.

Tumbling sounds of the nearby river

Are amplified in the morning air;

Enthused anglers snap lines across rocky banks

Challenging the early trout.

Fog hovers, beginning to burn away,

As promise of autumn heat rests on the valley floor,

I step out onto the porch bards, barefoot,

Feel the daybreak, see an Ozark dawn.

A squirrel scampers off redwood boards to oak limbs,

Scolding me for interrupting his solitude.

I sip black, earth-tasting tea from a warm mug,

Watching steam rise in benediction to the day.

From the corner of my eye,

I note running shoes waiting, silently calling me.

But I ignore the urging and wrap the morning

Around my shoulders like a warm shawl.

The day’s run will wait;

This autumn moment will not.

This poem originally published in an autumn issue of The Ozark Mountaineer.

******Just got some great news in the mailbox. Found a contract for a poem to TEA, a Magazine. Yeah, for me...can't wait to see it in print.

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Tina said...

spoken like a true autumer !! I hate the cold weather myself too. bump up the fires and heating i say!

Tina from Mummy Diaries