Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writer's Guild

The latest tropical storm reached into town with fingers of steady rain today. We were warned of heavy rain accumulations, but the rains were gentle throughout the night and morning. Afternoon was misty, but I got what felt like a hundred errands made in Joplin before the Writer’s Guild met at the public library. I was dragging, sipping on caffeine, and a little damp, but I perked up when the meeting got going. I probably won’t sleep tonight!

Despite ugly weather, the meeting was well attended. During “brag session”, several of our members told of being published. Sandy and Ina Mae were in Ozark Reader; Pat was in Chicken Soup Book of Miracles. LeAnn Campbell had a copy of her new book, Old Shack Mystery. It is a mystery for the nine to twelve year old age group. I have not read it yet, but only because of a time shortage. I bet it has a nice Midwestern flavor and wholesome values for young readers.

Our guest speaker tonight was Jane Ballard who launched her own magazine a few months ago. Jane is a feisty gal, and she just makes you smile to be around her because her energy is infectious! She was originally in retail for twenty years running a gift shop and kitchen store in an old caboose because Jane is a real train aficionado. Because she always said twenty years was her limit to retail, she closed her business and launched a motorcycle magazine because, you guessed it, cycling is another love of hers.

Tonight she told us that she was looking for an endeavor that might pay her to ride so she launched a cycle magazine. She says her publication is a travel guide for the four state area and is designed to help riders see this area from the saddle of a cycle. The magazine has pointers for choosing good roads, places like gravel roads to avoid, includes pictures of reader bikes, and a column called Ride to Eat directing readers to good road food. It is a quarterly magazine that focuses on Route 66 for 2010; the Jefferson Highway will be the focus for 2011.

A year’s subscription to Two Wheels, Four States costs a mere $16.00. You can subscribe by writing Jane at 1100 N. Prosperity Road, Joplin, Missouri 64801 or . Or visit a budding blog at

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BECKY said...

Thanks! This was so interesting! And isn't it great to get together with other writers?! We all help each other so much, just in talking and listening!