Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn Is Coming....

Light rain threatens now after an early sun. Can it be mid-September already? Stepping out on the deck is almost chilly as the nights cool and days warm. There are no longer singing wrens; in fact, there is very little bird song and no wing flutters in our bird baths now. But at dawn there is a boisterous chorus of crickets chanting autumn on!

Crisp days make for nice tea parties on the deck which require hot tea and cookies, cakes, and goodies! Autumn means pumpkins...and pumpkin pie! Autumn brings out fire pits which means hot dogs on a stick, roasted over open fire and burnt marshmallows spongy on the inside and filled with smoke. Autumn means a Maple Leaf Parade here and many other fall festivals that show funnel cakes and maple syruped things. Autumn means football games which bring out hot sugared pecans, popcorn, and hot cocoa.

What does autumn mean where you live?


Susan said...

Hello Bookie...Well, let's see. Autumn in New England means roadside farmstands overflowing with pumpkins, gourds, apples, and all kinds of goodies from the harvest.

It means the first crackling fire in the fireplace on a chilly night.

Autumn means brilliant sunshine filtering through trees awash in scarlet, orange, yellow, and apricot. The sight is so gorgeous it takes one's breath away.

Autumn means burning an orange cinnamon or maple butter candle by Village or pumpkin spice candle by Yankee. The whole house smells so wonderful!

Autumn means cool, crisp temperatures at night, making it nice to snuggle under a comfy, warm down comforter.

Autumn means my son's birthday, my first born. How filled with joy I was to be having a baby boy. He arrived about the same time as the gorgeous foliage and I'll never forget that.

Autumn means more soups and stews and maybe some homemade oatmeal bread. Mmmmmm the smell of bread coming out of the oven is sooooo good.

So that's it for now. Thanks for the lovely post. Susan

Vicki said...

Hello, Bookie,
Yes, autumn is upon us. The trees where you live are gorgeous. I, too, am looking forward to some cooler weather here in hot and humid Central Texas. My garden always "perks up" when the weather starts to cool down so hopefully, that will happen soon. I hope you have a delightful week, my friend. Vicki

BECKY said...

Bookie ~ Is that a current photo in your area? Wow! If so, your trees have changed way before ours! They are just gorgeous!! And I love Susan's description of autumn in New England....Ahhh, something I've always wanted to witness....Someday...someday!! :)