Friday, January 8, 2016

A Gray Day

Today the skies were as gray as a pewter bowl; they were dark and felt stormy. The weathermen can’t agree on what is coming or when, but snow is the favored prediction. On days like today I wish the skies would just open and dump, get it over with. Snow would be fine if the sun would shine on the white making the world glow.

At noon we went to the Encore lunch at Grace Church. Once a month they have a luncheon prepared by the priest or volunteers, and they ask for a donation only to pay for the supplies. The meal was a simple soup, salad, and wonderful bread. The dessert was bread pudding. All was delicious and simple and full of winter heartiness!  

There is a speaker or program of some kind at each Encore and all is finished in little over an hour. Today the speaker was from a local nursing home who spoke of how to deal with aging family and friends. She was full of necessary info on durable power of attorney, DNR, and living wills. She stressed the extreme amount of paperwork necessary for the elderly and that everyone should get things lined up way before it is needed. She reinforced her points with real life stories, including her own of losing a mother to suicide and her husband to sudden death.

 I know the info was necessary but it was not uplifting to me. It seems we have a harder time getting out of this world than we did getting into it. Tomorrow maybe the gray of the world will be washed white in a snowfall!

                                Father Steve and retired school principal Dennis--who I learned writes poetry!!!!


Elephant's Child said...

It isn't that we have a hard time leaving the world - it is the additional complications we can leave behind. My partner believes he is invincible and refuses to make a will (much less deal with any of the other issues). 'Not going to be his problem'. Which fills me with rage.
I hope you get some sunshine (literal and metaphoric) into your world.

Sioux said...

Claudia--Your last line was beautiful--a great ending to your post.

May you find something to lift you up soon...

Susan said...

Hi Claudia. That was nice you got out to go to the luncheon. Sounded good. Thanks for all your visits and ocmments, my dear friend. Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

This sounds like an interesting event, even if the topic was depressing. I like the image of sun shining on snow. I can feel the brilliance.

Anonymous said...

Leaving is a's cleaning up the mess we leave behind that is troubling for family members. WE are trying to get everything arranged so there will be no problems. hope hope

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Claudia,
This time of year can be depressing, especially with the dreary weather. The photos of your meal and fellow diners were great. The bowl of soup makes me want to make some soup here.

Listening to people share sad stories can be depressing, although I admire the courage of those who can speak so candidly about their loss. I don't find that easy myself.

The last line of your post left me on a happy note. We got a nice dose of snow here, and the world is all sparkly outside.

Here's to bright and sunny days ahead, and if not sunny at least sparkly from snow.

Marylin Warner said...

The kind of information the speaker shared fit right in with a gloomy gray day. All of the things she covered--and so many more--had me feeling down, having gone through all the papers and technicalities with my dad and now with my mom.
I'm glad your meal was more enjoyable, Claudia. The Encore luncheon sounds like a very good idea all the way around.
Here, the skies did just open up and dump the snow (and ice), but that didn't get it out of their system. More today, and probably tomorrow, too.