Friday, January 29, 2016

A Couple of Thoughts

Today is Kansas Day celebrating the birth of the state in 1861. I loved learning Kansas history in grade school, and we always celebrated the day at school. After Christmas (before MLK Day), it was a long haul to the February holidays. It was a nice break in January to have a sunflower cookie or some sunflower seeds in honor of our state's birthday.

In my late adult life I have learned some of the uglier stories of Kansas which were linked to how our Union was formed and cemented together. In recent years I have not always been proud of some of the events taking place in my home state. However, overall I love Kansas like that peculiar aunt on a branch of the family tree that gives both pause and pleasure.

How can one not love the Flint Hills, the cow towns, the breadbasket elevators that feed the world with rich grains, the home of Pizza Hut, the home of IKE, the birthplace of Amelia Earhart, and home of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz along with much more!

Happy Birthday,  Kansas!


Today I have an essay up on THE MUFFIN. Check it out if you have time and consider leaving a comment. Thanks!


Merlesworld said...

Lots of things in our pasts are a bit off but we can't change that what we do in our lifetimes is what's important.

Elephant's Child said...

Merle is right. We need to recognise the dark places, and celebrate th bright.

Linda O'Connell said...

I remember going through Laramie, Wyoming once and they were celebrating founder's day. It seemed so fun. I lived briefly in Kansas when I was 10. Lots of memories.
Loved your piece on The Muffin!

Marylin Warner said...

And in Ft. Scott, where Gordon Parks didn't make peace with his hometown for many years because his mother was buried in a lower part of the cemetery, there were so many examples of pain and prejudice. And then the stories behind Bloody Kansas. But also so many good stories, examples of bravery and kindness, and attempts to make the town and the state better.

Susan said...

Happy Kansas Day! Oh yes, Claudia, how well I remember Dorothy's home state. All she had to do was click her red shoes together to get there! I'm proud to know someone from that state-----you! Susan

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Read and commented on your Muffin post! Good ideas.