Sunday, June 14, 2015

June Is Iced Tea Month

June is Ice Tea Month and it is a perfect time for some deck sitting and tea drinking. The weather is a bit unseasonal here…it either rains some more or is humidly hot like late July or August in times the sun peaks out. Still I run to the deck whenever possible to soak up what bits of June I can savor. Glass after glass of frosty iced tea and book after book of various genres make for celebrating this month.

Today’s choices have been Harshaw (Harney and Sons) by the pot for breakfast and poetry manuals by Mary Oliver and another by Ted Kooser. Then this afternoon it is a big pitcher of Tetley’s Black and Green, a blend of two teas that is perfect iced. The afternoon book is Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough. This will be the first read for the book club’s new season in August. So far it is a agreeable story of four sisters, two sets of twins, studying nursing in 1926 New South Wales. The four distinct personalities are just beginning to take shape as I read.

Two great quotes on tea have popped up today that I will share.

“Edda poured milk, Tufts stirred the teapot to speed up the infusion process. Then cups brimming with teaming tea, they sat to enjoy the panacea for all woes.”

“What liquor is to most houses, strong tea is to the house of healing,” he said…..”

While brewing this morning, I caught a great segment on Sunday Morning, which is known for its coverage of art and literature. The show profiled George Saunders, calling him the bestselling short story of his generation. It took the man a while to find his niche in life, much less writing. He said you have story when you have two characters, one who life had treated well and another that feels shortchanged by life. Then you have these two characters meet, friction occurs and a story is the inescapable result.I intend to check out this author’s work soon.

Any readers of George Saunders out there?

Happy reading and drinking in June!


Elephant's Child said...

June is hot chocolate month here. And every month is tea time. Universal panacea.
Happy reading.

Susan said...

Hi Bookie...So glad you are enjoying the teas. Not familiar with Sanders. Sorry. Hope your week is wonderful! Susan p.s. I'm savoring every minute of June, too. Thanks for your visits.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh yes, to be able to sit outdoors and read and sip. My day is coming. Enjoy yours.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Well, I'm in the Deep South, so every month is a month for sweet tea. :) Restaurants serve iced sweet tea year 'round, though I don't keep it in my fridge until summertime hits. When we lived in Las Vegas we used to make sun tea all the time, and though I've tried to make it here and elsewhere, it never tastes as good as it did coming in out of the 110 degree heat of Vegas.

Sioux said...

I drink tea year-round, and because I usually drag around my own personal sauna wherever I go (hot flashes) I usually prefer iced tea to hot tea.

I have never read anything by George Saunders, so now you've made me curious.