Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Friend and Family Weekend

Today we helped celebrate a special friend’s birthday. She was turning 70! How can that be? On the over two hour drive I counted up and shocked myself with realizing that we have been friends for 30 years. It seems like only yesterday that she moved into my neighborhood! It was to be eleven years of memories before she had to move again, this time to Independence, 

                                             Grandbaby, Miss Emma

Her family arranged this surprise birthday open house for 1 to 5 today. They invited her sisters, brother, cousins, family members along with friends, church members, choir partners. There were young people, children and older folks like us! It was a huge gathering with lots of food. They had a taco bar, drinks, fruit, deep fried fish, and two cakes! It was a great time. Isn’t it nice when people who come to help others celebrate have the best time of all?

My grandmother always said you can’t pick your family. I disagree a little because I think family is who you choose to love. I feel right at home in my friend’s family because they laugh—a lot! It is fun just being there. Happy birthday to my friend…or is she family?

Tomorrow is my blood family’s day. 


Elephant's Child said...

Your friend is certainly family. The families we choose, build and nurture are often at least as close and supportive as those with ties of blood.
And I love your friend's smile. Infectious.

Susan said...

Oh Bookie. Sounds like it was a marvelous time. How blessed you are to have such a sweet friend and to celebrate with her is the best. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Sioux said...

I think family is anyone who always welcomes you and anyone who is always accepting of us.

Just because blood connects you to another person does not mean the connection has to last forever...

It sounds like you were part of a wonderful celebration. (I was in Wheaton again on Saturday, getting three golden doodles out of the breeding cycle. Maybe someday, there will people clamoring for dogs like Biscuit because there is a shortage of dogs due to most dogs getting spayed or neutered... at least I hope that day comes someday.)