Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Medley of September Moments

The weather has taken that wonderful autumnal turn, cool in morning with warmer afternoons. The mums are coming along reaching for October bliss. However a few remaining pots of once lagging summer blooms have burst forth with new vibrancy as they too enjoy the cool nights.

 No tea on deck this morning as Miss Biscuit had doctor’s appointment early. For three days she has been carrying her leg. She has slowed down, looks weary some, but when the trash truck etc. comes by she zips like a lightning bolt only using a mere three legs to do it. The vet says it is her hip and she wants to try meds first because a hip x-ray on a dog takes sedation. She said Biscuit needs “bed rest”, but the meds will make her feel better before she is healed. Ha, bed rest? Can you stop a freight train with a pea shooter?

                                                      A rare moment of resting peacefully!

                                               Note those crossed legs!

I entered some poems in a contest this morning….only to realize the contest does not open until October. Such is how my mind works these days. The nice thing is I can resubmit as all early entries are being trashed. I also found a book in the closet, though it was new, and began to read. It is one I have already read, but is so good I am going to finish it twice!

My sister-in-law writes that the Ladies Home Journal has ceased publication! Sad news. She says the company is substituting Cosmo for the rest of the LHJ subscription…hardly a fair trade. So sad to hear another staunch pillar of early publications has folded. Have you readers heard of this already?

I made a big batch of pimento cheese…you just can’t buy it in the store this good. Tomato plants torn down for the year. Soup and bread recipes are coming out. DH is hungering for a road trip, and yes, a light-hearted trip sounds good for a few days. This time of year it is always lovely to coast around on back roads, watch scarecrows going up, see pumpkins on porches, and feel autumnal air. Soon maybe we can manage to hit the road in the Ruby Slipper, who knows?

                                           Granddog Storm might proud of a new bone!


Elephant's Child said...

Your road trip sounds truly lovely. I hope you get to go soon.
And good luck to Miss Bisquit - and to you in trying to convince her to rest and heal.

Linda O'Connell said...

I just told my husband I can't wait for retirement so we can hop in the car and just go on a whim, instead of waiting for a day off.

Your dog is a sweetie and I hope Biscuit feels better soon.
Good for you for entering those contests. I need to get going on submissions.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Aw, poor Biscuit! It is tough to keep dogs restful. They tend to ignore pain and just keep going---they find a way around it. Unlike us humans who don't mind putting our feet up on the sofa!

Patricia A. Laster said...

I don't have a dog, but I just chased as VERY PREGNANT cat out of the house until she delivers. Don't want any foreign stuff on any of the new floors. Poor thing; she's a sweet cat and all of my males are fixed, but I can't catch her. Apparently a neighborhood tom can--and does. Oh, but this is about Miss Biscuit. Hope she recovers nicely. And that you get that light road trip. My mums are budding, too, but that's about all the color I have. xoxo

Lynn said...

Hey Claudia - cute pics of the pooches... and thanks for sharing all your reads... trips... etc., it's always good to know what's going on with everyone.