Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heading West, New Mexico Day 2

We got up and took out to the border. We watched carefully for pronghorn but saw nary a one. We reached Springer, New Mexico, a mere crossroads. This year we found the favorite historic Brown Hotel up for sale. SO sad.  We left town on a new road and drove another 83 miles without a pronghorn. It seemed like a long ride without our antelope friends!

We reached Clayton…on to Cimarron, collection of houses with an outlaw past, on to Eagle’s Nest and up into the mountains to drive the Enchanted Circle. We have been at this spot several times so it was like coming home. Autumn tinges of orange and yellow brushed the top of trees and wildflower patches. We stopped in Red River and bought some forbidden fudge, a chocolate/red chili combo I wanted to bring to friends.

Next destination was Questa. Such history here, but also a church project we have been following. They are coming along nicely and the story is super interesting. I will try to find a short version for readers. Many old adobe churches dot New Mexico. St. Anthony’s in Questa doubled as a fort from Indian attacks in its early history. But the adobe wall began to cave in. The Catholic Church heads wanted the church torn down and replaced with metal building. The congregation refused, took it on as a nonprofit organization, and began to save the wall themselves. The people have stirred mud, made bricks, build the wall again only to have other points begin to cave. They refused to give up again and kept going. The men went into the forest themselves and chopped 300 year old trees and shaped them into beams.

All went well and many people like us were moved by the faith and dedication to this old church. They are replacing an original choir loft while redoing the church. At Easter this last year, they were sawing into a log when something appeared on the log. The men stepped back as they saw a Madonna holding a lamb. Women tend to see a Madonna holding a babe. The people were moved as they think this is a sign from God. No matter what you see, faith is moving mountains (and trees) in Questa, New Mexico.

Below the church sits an old truck, some horses, and a field of wild purple asters. The scene is beautiful. 


Elephant's Child said...

Thank you. Beautiful - and fascinating.

Susan said...

I think I would like to visit that little church.

We went to Santa Fe in New Mexico and found it quite fascinating (a bit expensive as there are a lot of tourists there.)

Looking forward to your next installment! Susan