Saturday, April 12, 2014

Winds Blowing in Changes Again

Thursday was a disaster day! Friday morning picked up where Thursday left off. The ordered windows had arrived and DH had the storms off ready to go. When he went to pick up the new windows, they were WRONG. So they were reordered, and our first spring project was postponed yet again. Now it is over 80 degrees today and if I want air, I have to take flies in the house to get it!!!

Trying to turn the tide, we got up this morning with a list of minor things to do. We started running by taking taxes to post office, then some garage sales hunting specific things for my sister. Found a wee bit only. Thing about garage sales is you jump in and out of the car so  many times for nothing. Then we did a few other errands along the way. We came home and unloaded and drove to Joplin for a research mission.

We can already tell that the loss of that Mighty Maple last fall is going to really hurt this year. I put out the usual in the tree spot, but they all look lonely. It is going to be majorly hot in direct western sun on the deck. Already we sweat in the afternoon. So went to gather ideas on how and what to plant. We also researched oversized umbrellas to help shade plants and people this year.

We made several stops including a fast run into a flea market where a friend saw a whole load of Blue Willow added to a booth. Oh, it was pretty stuff! I would not have had the courage to buy so much, but DH has become a real Blue Willow fan. He pushed to bring too much home. I limited myself to two pieces that were delightful prices! He added the pitcher because he really liked it, although it is not a piece I will use much I don’t think. But then, who knows!

Normally we stick to Willow made in Japan or Occupied Japan. The blue is so rich on those pieces. This Blue Willow is Swinnertons made in Stratsfordshire England. Originally it was made beginning in 1906 and then off and on during the World Wars. Around 1950 the pottery was absorbed by Royal Daulton, another great mark. Not sure where these pieces will rest in the end, but the covered butter dish will be very handy for butter, pickles, olives or anything toted to the deck for lunches during fly seasons.

This piece of pottery belonged to my mother-in-law’s mother originally. It was in my mother-in-law’s bedroom for as long as I can remember. None of the girls wanted it; she took it to the assisted living, but decided it took up too much room. She sent it home with me a few weeks ago and while nice, looks nothing like me. It does have a crack. I decided to make it useful for a while and put in some starts of my Cousin Sel plant!
We have a new guest this week too. Mrs. Robin built her nest quickly in our deck post. We don’t bother her a bit. She never moved when dog runs below, I fill the bird baths, or we come and go in general. Welcome, dear Bird Mother.

While it is a warm spring day, the weatherman says rain tomorrow, maybe severe storms, and then followed by 29 degrees cold!!! Oh I moan with this news!!! But….I am glad for flowers and warmth and robins and tea on deck for today!


Marylin Warner said...

Oh, I sympathize, Claudia. You lost a big Maple, and we lost a big Ash. The utilities dept. cut ours down because it had a split in the trunk, and if the winds took it down it would take out an entire 5-block area of electricity. They gave us a $300 voucher to a wonderful nursery to choose a replacement, and the nursery will also deliver and plant it, just not in the same place under the power line.
It was a nice surprise, but we'll still miss the Ash. And so will our dog; the tree provided her favorite shade spot by the fence. We get very attached to our trees.

Sioux said...

Losing a tree IS terrible, especially when considering how horrible our summers can get.

Maybe it will be a cool summer? (We can only hope. ;)

Elephant's Child said...

Losing a tree is a tragedy. Do you know what you are going to replace it with yet?

Lynn said...

This weather is crazy. I hope it doesn't go right into summer... I want the spring to last a LONG time.

Rebecca said...

I can imagine your disappointment at the window situation & sadness over the loss of the shade tree...It makes me think about grief and loss at many levels - each "new" season brings fresh reasons to grieve...

Your commentary on the ebb and flow of spring at your place makes me SO ready to get back into the land of the living! I simply must push myself a bit more to do at least what I can.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You find the coolest things on your travels. Blue Willow is lovely, and, as it happens, the name of one of my favorite books by author Deborah Smith. :)

Mary Horner said...

I love shopping for dishes! Blue Willow plates take me right back to my childhood! And my husband just finished taking down a tree that was damaged last fall from the wind. I've been looking online today to see what might look good there. It's going to take a long time until we have shade there again.

Susan said...

Oh Bookie, NOOOOO. NO more snow. No no no.

Loved your finds. The Blue Willow is pretty.

When will spring come to stay?

Thanks so much for all your visits. Sooooo appreciated. Susan