Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Glorious Season

This First Week of Easter is loaded with spring blooms, and I rejoice in the warm sunshine that abounds in the afternoon. Mornings here in prairie lands on the edge of the Ozarks have a mountain chill first thing, but afternoons can almost be called hot. Rain is coming again, but I just appreciate every moment of great weather I can absorb!

This morning Miss Biscuit and I went to the post office and saw that both the pink and white dogwoods were raging with beauty. The redbuds have been lovely for a couple of weeks and probably have reached their peak. But the dogwoods today were radiant!
Pink dogwood 


Then when we hit the town square, there was the farmer’s market lady all set up. Yeah, it was a good spring day. We toted home only a few things to perk up our treeless deck for the moment. And wonders, she had BLACK petunias! The picture does not do them justice. They look like velvet! Petunias will struggle in the heat of this deck so I only bought a smidgen of them…wanted to enjoy those black ones a while!



Elephant's Child said...

Love the redbud and the dogwood but have never, ever seen a black petunia. I am filled with longing, and will try and track some down next spring. Thank you.

Sioux said...

Biscuit looks like one happy dog!

Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures and Biscuit sure looks happy. Wow, a black petunia. I bet it would look really good against some white flowers!

Linda O'Connell said...

Raging with beauty...I love that phrase. Your photos are gorgeous and Biscuit looks like a charmer. Black petunias? Now I've seen everything!

BECKY said...

Sunshine, flowers, and a happy doggie......What else does anyone need?? :)
I've never heard of a black petunia, either. I could almost see the velvety look in the pictures.