Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow and Soup Day

I think Winter, 2014 intends to yank our comfort chains, remind us that Mother Nature is the Boss! Our forecast 2-4 turned into at least 6 inches of snow. Now the temps will drop to zero tonight.

One storm right after another makes for lines at Walmart.  I have done my best to stock up ahead of time. I have books, movies, tea, and books. Ah, confinement with all that is the good life! This morning we had sausage and egg breakfast, a departure from fiber muffin or yogurt. Why is it that a blanket of snow gives us permission to celebrate with food? Even before breakfast, I had a pot of vegetable beef soup going, substance for a snowstorm.

I love my own soup! It is made like my mother’s soup, long and slow in stages. The first means sweating lots of onion, celery and garlic. Then adding beef, water and a dab of beef bouillon if on the shelf.  An hour later, canned tomatoes, potatoes and carrots until tender, then adding cabbage, okra, peas, and a bit of corn.  This morning I found I had no cabbage, horrors! So I dropped in a spot of frozen spinach and some black beans left over from New Year’s Day. It all looks and smells wonderful. DH thinks this pot of soup springs to life by itself. He does not know the peeling, chopping, dicing, boiling, stirring…he only knows slurping! J

Before the last snowstorm I was feeling a little low and REALLY dreaded a fast run to Walmart. I did not need much and I asked DH to drive me to the door and wait for me while I fetched. He was happy to do so. I was sailing along, basket beginning to heap, when I ran into a pleasant man in the meat section. He asked me how to use the Hog Jowls he was holding in his hand. Thus a long conversation began. He let me know how hard it was to cook for himself, a single man, and how he ate too much junk food.

By the time I got to the car and explained, DH asked if the man was hunting a woman. I don’t know, but I explained to DH that it would take a much different line for this woman! No, I don’t want to hear how hungry a man is, how he needs mothering. I would look for the one that says, “I make wonderful baked chicken with a tasty broccoli side, and I would love to cook for you.” I would beat the guy to his truck in the parking lot for sure!

But that is another story. Now while soup simmers, I, still in my flannels, am going to go get lost in the pages of a comforting novel. Happy Snow Storm to you all!


Rebecca said...

What novel?

And I fixed us some black bean chili for our Sunday lunch. Yum! I had some leftover brown rice from yesterday and so we scooped the soup over it and WOW! I think I'll serve it that way all the time.

Snow here, too. Lots of it! Be safe; stay warm :)

Lynn said...

That's funny about your comment about the man you'd beat to the truck (ha) and your soup looks delicious! Hunker down and do some more writing!

Sioux said...

The soup does look delicious. My veggie soup tastes different every time, because I use all the left-over vegetables, and they're different every time.

Enjoy your book and your soup. And stay warm. (I will enjoy the day tomorrow as well...I'm off school for another day.)

Susan said...

Hello Bookie...Bet the soup was yummy. Had to chuckle over the man with the hog jowls dilemma. I'm with you. I'd bolt with that line, too. ha haha

It's a deep freeze here in Massachusetts, too. Man, looks like we are in for some precarious weather. Susan

kate steeper said...

In the UK we have high tides floods and torrential rain . Sometimes
Im glad we live on a tiny hump in the ground that pretends to be a hill

Linda O'Connell said...

Crazy weather. We are housebound with a foot of snow on the ground in the city, nowhere to park even if school's were open, and below zero temps. All we do is eat. Your soup looks good. I may tackle a pot today, too. We are expecting more snow tomorrow.