Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ordinary or Extraordinary?

We are in the between stages of the holiday, a gradually coming down to the daily and coming back to the routine. December has been festive and wintry! My goodness, something everyday and not always what I wanted to see. So the day after Christmas really felt like a day-after this morning. The freezing fog we had at dawn was more darkness and cold, but the forecast promised a nicer day coming along. I looked out the drapes beyond the Christmas tree and wondered how I would spend the day when I felt rather blah.

Then I noticed a print on the windows. I was irritated at first thinking someone smudged the glass. Then I investigated what looked like a wing...definitely a wing. Then on the other side a lighter wing. Oh my gosh, was this an angel? DH looked and snickered, only a bird flew into the glass. But even he admitted a bird hitting the glass was very rare this time of year. If it were a bird, it was a big one. No chickadee or finch. There were no feathers on the porch.

During the day, three people said that it simply was a bird. Fifteen others said it was definitely an angel.  What do YOU think?

Later in the day, the mail brought a tiny check and notification of a win in 3rd place for free verse in the Lebanon Poetry Contest. I was also listed with an honorable mention in the same category. It was a sign to me to keep plugging along, that I should keep writing in the new year. Hum, could those angel wings have been my muse calling to me?

This has been some day-after!


Sioux said...

I think your muse visited you. Congratulations on the third prize and the honorable mention. What a way to finish 2013 with a bang and usher in 2014...

Linda O'Connell said... angel, indeed, no doubt in my mind whatsoever. Congratulations on your wins. I wrote NOTHING in December. Today and tomorrow I am staying planted in my chair.

Marylin Warner said...

Oh, Claudia, I definitely vote for the angel.

At first it was the image itself that convinced me. But then when you learned of your poetry successes, I knew the angel had heralded some writing encouragement and hope for you, just when you needed it.

Heart-felt congratulations on your success...and your angel's visit. This is wonderful!

Susan said...

Oh, definitely a wing of an angel, Bookie.

Yes, hope and keep writing in the new year! Susan p.s. Thanks for all your faithful visits. Susan

Donna Volkenannt said...

Congratulations, Claudia.

It looks like an angel or a horse with wings.

Lynn said...

Congratulations - definitely an angel!