Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Dithers

I think it is wonderful how we have weather warnings these days; we can plan crops, plan for travel, and plan for safety. However…knowing what is coming when I don’t want it makes me feel like climbing the walls. Also switching back and forth between seasons in just a day or two is maddening. Our bodies can’t adapt well to spring today, winter tomorrow.
The last two days the weather has been unseasonably warm. My sister took the day off work for Christmas shopping, and I met her over the state line. We had a great time together which is really what Christmas is, together for pleasure. The southeastern town is home to PSU which has a gorilla mascot named Gus. (Oh, how I love gorillas!!!) I was tickled to see that Gus was included in the local mall’s holiday decorations!
Meanwhile, we are saying goodbye to a maple that shades our deck. Two years ago a quarter of the tree broke off and nailed the umbrella and deck. We were lucky no one was still sitting out there that late afternoon. We have been nervous about the tree since and finally decided to let it go. There were bad places but not all the tree was bad. However, it would have been misshapen and ugly if only partially cut.
This tree has sheltered us and our children for 40 years, its girth growing. It covered our first picnic table set in the grass. It shaded the swing set. It was home to a wood pecker each summer. It was where our returning wrens landed and sang to us each spring. Under that tree I released my Granny. She had been so ill and I had prayed so hard. Suddenly, I realized I was praying for myself not to lose her, to not be left in the world without her influence. When I realized how selfish I was, I changed my prayers about 10:00 p.m. that she be granted ease and relief.  Five hours later she was gone, and I have special feeling for that tree since.
Winter weather is coming. By the end of the week we are to have frigid cold, sleet, snow, and/or ice. I am not happy about this as the storm will hit on days when a lot of Christmas luncheons and activities were planned. I always hate when the weather wrecks December, as I consider the whole month festive! We can be housebound in January after the food and frolic are over. But I am ready for what may come: soup materials, tea canisters full, numerous books waiting.


Susan said...

Ohhhhh, Bookie. Sad about the tree. I always feel terrible when we have to cut down a tree.

We had to, also, one day a few years back. One in our front yard just died. I still miss that beautiful old tree.

Guess we don't have any control over the weather. Thank goodness you are always well prepared!

By the way, Bookie, our fireplace IS pink. It was one of the finest attributes of this house and one of the reasons I wanted to buy it. Love it.

Take care, my friend, and stay warm. Love your angel! Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

That tree held many treasured memories for you, I am certain. I agree wholeheartedly about the weather, It's not fair. We have a book signing scheduled Saturday and we're expecting five inches. I dislike winter in December. I also agree that it is okay in January :)

Sioux said...

Claudia--As a current teacher, I LOVE snow and ice whenever it comes (Monday-Thursday). I am keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow...

I think you should write a story about that tree. It sounds like there are many stories to share...