Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cleaning Can Be Dangerous!

Writing came to a halt a couple of days ago as life intervened. The house was filthy, the refrigerator bare, the laundry baskets overflowed, and my brain was tired anyway. The weather still  had frigid nights and snow was whispered to be lurking about. Even today while the air is warmer, the skies look like an angry sea with frothy white caps on gray waves. Although the winter feels long since snow started in December, it is still only January, much too soon for pinks and yellows to appear even inside the house.

So I decided I could at least dust, rearrange stuffed shelves, straighten the hutch. Just wiping things down in the dining room would be exercise, physical work to offset the mind, and would surely pick us up to see  shiny things again somewhere. While DH slept, I sorted laundry and turned on the oven. I stirred up a batch of corn muffins from the white corn meal we picked up at Metamora, Indiana last October. It would be a nice little recalling of the trip. Then I set to unloading the hutch, dusting shelves, washing glasses. All went well until I started putting things back on the very top. About half done, I wanted to step down and did, forgetting I was on the top step of the ladder stool. I realized too late that the floor was nonexistent where I expected it, fell backward, hit a sideboard on the way down taking a few dishes and pictures from the wall with me. Once I hit the floor, things were still falling because they were hitting me. Ah, DH had his wake up call that day!

It was amazing that only china broke; I still had moving parts on my body. Oh, but did I hurt! The day was a long one as things had to be cleaned up. I guess this is one prescription for  spring cleaning: Just throw dishes on ceramic tile floor and sweep away!

This morning I don't feel great but could be a lot worse! I made us a full breakfast with bacon, eggs, and hot tea. Then DH helped me shake some rugs, picked up his own mess, and helped put away yesterday's laundry. I am quite tired and think I will just read for fun this afternoon. I am reading Grandmother and the Priests by Taylor Caldwell for my book classic for my book club. Slipping into the Scottish Highlands sounds like a good escape for the day!

It will soon be the last week in January...the year moves forward. I think surely some daffodils and forsythia might be in our future one day! Until then, I suggest avoiding spring cleaning!


Sioux said...

Claudia--Yes, housework is dangerous and hazardous to your health.

Never do it again. ;)

Terra said...

The dangers of house work, yikes. That fall could have resulted in broken bones so I am glad you are all in one piece.

Linda O'Connell said...

In a day or two you will discover the bruises in unexpected places. So glad you didn't get hurt worse. I can imagine the range of emotions you went through in the brief period you and the floor/dishes collided.

Susan said...

Oh my GOSH, Claudia. You could surely have broken bones with a fall like that. Thank heavens you are okay.

I avoid the step stool as much as possible these days. Cannot afford a broken hip. (Instead, I call hubs. He's older than me but a lot skinnier. ha haha)

Please be careful! Susan

Lisa Claro said...

You earned your afternoon of reading. Glad you didn't get hurt too badly. Nice that DH was there to help!

Beth Laverty said...

I have always felt Housework can be hazardous to your health. So happy it wasn't worse. Yes it is a pretty tea cup. Noritake has many pretty designs. I have a few myself.

BECKY said...

Oh, Claudia! I know way too well about these kinds of things, don't I?! I am SO sorry you fell, but SO glad you weren't hurt seriously. Yes, talk about bruises....some of mine have never disappeared completely. Must be because of my flabby, old skin! LOL. I almost had to laugh reading the part about DH helping out so much after that. Maybe he was feeling a bit guilty for napping while you worked so hard! Loved the description of your house, laundry, refrigerator. Sounds frightfully familiar! One more thing. You always come up with beautiful sentences such as these two: "The weather still had frigid nights and snow was whispered to be lurking about. Even today while the air is warmer, the skies look like an angry sea with frothy white caps on gray waves." Amazing! Stay warm, stay off of step stools, ladders, etc. and don't worry, be happy! :)

Lynn said...

Do hope you're okay... guess you'll need to give up cleaning! ha.

Marylin Warner said...

The fall could have done much more damage than breaking some china, Claudia! I'm glad you didn't end up in the ER yourself.
The soups sound delicious. I'm a soup-from-scratch kind of cook. On Tuesday, when the temperature drop so low and the wind was so hard, I decided to make Sausage Cabbage Soup for two of our elderly neighbors who each live alone. I fill 2-3 big canning jars with the soup, wrap up fresh cornbread and brownies, and Jim and I deliver a box at dinnertime to each of them. For Christmas and birthdays they each get a birthday card with a check list of the 3 soups they want prepared. They love doing this, and we don't worry about them getting a variety of good foods that make them want to eat!