Sunday, October 20, 2013



A few days ago I got a new anthology in the mail. Longest Hours: thoughts while waiting is a title published by Silver Boomer books. This one deals with the tension and anxiety we have over waiting for things in our lives. These events can be happy or tragic situations that put us into waiting mode. The publication has one of my poems on its pages.

Over two years ago, while our daughter-in-law carried our second grandson, the tests showed the baby had a tumor on his brain. It was a sock to the gut no one expected. Those things always happen to other people, don’t they? Good news was ahead as Simon came to us in fine shape. However, there were some long prayerful and waiting days in that winter.

I have not read the other entries yet, but the first thing I do with an anthology these days is search for names I know. This time I knew none of the other writers. I did spot the name of Kim Lehnhoff and her bio tells me she might be a friend of some St. Louis writers I know. I am sure as I read more, I will find some web or blog addresses that invites me to visit when I read the articles. Anthologies are a great way to meet new people…on the page and otherwise.

We Wait For You

You, little fellow, are holding our hearts

Long before you can lace twiggy fingers

Around our tree stump thumbs.

We have seen you floating in your sea cave

Budding, developing, growing, becoming. 

Now we learn there is a shadow that hides

In the folded wrinkles of your brain,

Upsetting the once perfect picture.

Yet, this fearful knot of unknowing matter

Is part of you, and we wait to see

What this silhouette means.

We wait with you;

We wait for you—

For all of what you bring.




Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your inclusion in the anthology, Claudia! And what a beautiful poem. (How is this little one doing, if you don't mind telling...)

Sioux said...

Claudia--Congrats. I submitted but my piece was not chosen, so double-congratulations.

Lynn said...

Beautiful poem. Congratulations. I believe the Kim you mentioned is the same Kim that I know over at The Ratio of Failures.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Oh, gosh. You made me cry. That's beautiful, Claudia. Congrats on your inclusion in the anthology, and double congrats that that your Simon is healthy.

Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, that poem is tender and terrifiying. We went through the same thing with one of our grandchildren, and thank God she was okay, too.

Congratualtions! They rejected my silly poem, but I expected as much.

Go on my side bar and read the blog, Ratio of Failures. You will love Kim's writing so much, you'll want to follow her.

Jenny said...

What beautiful, beautiful writing. Congratulations!