Friday, October 4, 2013

New Work Chair

Another week is ending, a week of ups and downs. Next week is more fishing, and tonight there is a storm front moving in. Our temps will drop 30 degrees, and I just hope it doesn't throw Mother Nature into a temper tantrum!
So when I opened my eyes and saw the gray light of dawn this morning, I put on the kettle and stepped out on the deck. Ah, nice air...I came in an grabbed teapot, china cup, tea cozy, and some books. I vowed not to let this good morning escape!
It was a great morning. I read a few pages about writing sense of place, devoured an excellent  western story in my new Cactus Country Vol. III, penned the outline for an autumn poem, drained the whole teapot of  English Breakfast tea and just enjoyed the autumn air.
When DH got up, he assembled my new office chair. I  have loved the old one with wooden arms and blue fabric that matched the wallpaper, but I was wearing it out. I tend to sit on the edge only of the chairs to reach the floor and desk as I want. So we decided to move my Old Blue to DH's computer so he could put wear on the nice back of the seat! (Also it would enable me to remove the horrid monstrosity that passes for his desk chair!)
I think I will love this new chair despite its looking so business-like. Maybe that is what I need to settle me in for winter and some serious writing business! Until then I will continue to grab any good parts of autumn that I can find.
Happy Weekend ahead to all you readers!


Sioux's Page said...

Claudia--It looks like a great work space. Enjoy, and be productive...

Linda O'Connell said...

When I replaced my desk chair I actually was so comfortable, I stayed in it longer and wrote more. You have a lovely chair.

Marylin Warner said...

I loved the picture, Claudia, and it's good you were at the reunion to represent your dad's side of the family. I'm like you; I can't get enough of the family stories, the hard work, humor and shoulder-to-shoulder survival during the Depression. We come from good stock!

Lynn said...

That chair looks awesome. I think chairs really make a difference.

Susan said...

That's a great chair, Bookie.

I would think it would be definitely conducive to spur you into writing!

Weather here is rainy now, with midwest storm weather moving in.

I want to enjoy the colored leaves longer but I'm afraid the wind is going to blow them all off the branches.

Take care and have a nice Tuesday. Susan p.s. Thanks for all your visits! Love them.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

A comfy chair makes all the difference! Between part time medical transcription and all the writing I do I sit A LOT. My chair has a 5+ hour rating and my backside is grateful for it! :)

william smith said...

Lovely chair it is comfortable and looking different thank for sharing .