Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Musings

Home from Branson fishing, looking at a full calendar and fading autumn days. The forecast for this week is rain and cold temps, down to 36 at night! I am simply not ready, folks! S.A.D. can make its appearance as early as August. This syndrome makes some people crave carbs more (is this possible, chocolate lovers?). Season Deficit Disorder people begin to stockpile food and toilet paper and boxes etc. for the coming winter like squirrels hiding nuts. So far this year I have kept this feature at bay….if you don’t count the three bags of Anasazi beans in the utility room and the huge order for winter teas I place yesterday with Harney and Sons.  

I don’t usually bring out my browns until the day after Halloween and until Thanksgiving. But this morning when I heard the rain try to beat the acorns to the gutter, and I thought about an upcoming Kentucky trip that marks the passing of October, I decided to go ahead and set out those warm, fireside-feeling browns.
I have tried (and failed) to keep my accumulating possessions under control. While I stayed out of all Branson shops, I managed to find a couple of goodies right here in town the week before. I hated the floral cotton tablecloths of my  1950’s childhood and wished for lovely lace or linen clothes on our tables. Little did I know how much work those fancy cloths were, as even the cotton ones took time to keep crisp and fresh.  I kept one from my Granny’s things at her death, but put it in our picnic supply box. Recently, I dug it out and wanted more. Apparently so do some other people because vintage tablecloths are in demand at flea markets.
I am having fun using these cloths, despite DH’s tendency to spill and slop on them. They are meant to be used; we are doing just that.  I know that the tablecloths are more than décor or utilitarian coverings for the kitchen. The bright colors and 1950’s designs take me back to childhood. I remember Gran’s homemade French fries on Saturday night, tea from aluminum glasses (hated those), the then pastels of Fiesta Ware, and Howdy Doody juice glasses. The tablecloths are memories and just plain fun now, a comfort for the coming winter…and that is as life should be.


Susan said...

Bookie, I LOVE those tablecloths. They are so bright and cheerful. And you are right! They are in high demand, even here on the east coast. They are very attractive!

Well, sorry the cold rains are there. Still beautiful here but the chillin weather is on its way, that's for sure. Susan

Lisa Claro said...

Fall is actually my favorite time of year. I enjoy it more than spring! I love the smells and the whole feel of it!

BECKY said...

Hi Claudia! You know I'm a lover of autumn...and many vintage items, including tablecloths and hankies. I need to dig mine out and take some photos to share. Most of those that I have were my maternal grandma's, so I want to display them, somehow...We had those aluminum glasses, too! I especially remember drinking from them and eating popcorn from the same colors of aluminum bowls!
BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!! :)

Donna Volkenannt said...

What a lovely collection of tablecloths, Claudia. I love the bright colors.
Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was a happy one!