Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Southwest Tour, Saturday

We headed for Telluride. We had been there before years ago. I knew we would find an overpriced touristy town, but the drive there was stunning. It was so pleasurable for both of us. When we got to Telluride, it was not only weekend crowded but teeming with people. There was a memorial run of some kind where runners started in Ouray and ran over the mountains to Telluride. Everyone in the town had a dog or two. That was the dodgiest town I have ever been in, and it was fun to visit with the pets. We walked along but rarely went into stores as they held no interest to me; I could not have afforded anything if they did. We bought tea at and patio café and enjoyed the people and the fresh air.
Then we headed down the Million Dollar Highway, an edgy, breath-taking drive in the mountains. At Ridgeway, a quiet hamlet along the way, we stopped for lunch at Kate’s Body and Soul Café. The food here was outstanding. Soups and wraps, but breakfast was her specialty all day long. She used farm fresh eggs and special bread. Everything was super fresh and unique. She made the ordinary tasty! We ate outside on the patio which was glorious in the mountain air, and her tea was excellent. I had a breakfast sandwich; it was huge. Ham, mozzarella and two fried egg on a sourdough bread with fresh fried potatoes.
We rolled on through the mountains taking another break at Silverton. Here we met the owners of Mattie and Maude’s, a new café to the town. The owner did the cooking and she was innovative. Her specialty was fry bread, a yeasty version instead of the baking powder kind. Oh, yum! She had strawberry shortcake on the warm fry bread. DH and I shared a plate before we drove on to Durango.

Steam train coming into Durango after being at Silverton


Susan said...

Oh wow, Bookie. What a fabulous tour you are giving us. LOVE all your photos.

And the food you are enjoying....mmmm mmmm mmmm That's part of a good trip, don't you think?

Thanks so much for sharing! Susan

Sioux said...

Claudia--I know fry bread well. I have a friend who has two Native American sons, and she--sadly for my hips, which don't need another starchy monkey hanging on their backs--introduced me to it.

Your fabulous trip continues. Enjoy. I continue to be more than a bit envious...

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Beautiful! What a trip! Thanks for sharing, Claudia.