Friday, September 27, 2013


This poor butterfly lingered around our lawn chair for a long while this week. The tail of his wings were battered. He seemed tired and acted like flying was such an effort. I knew how he felt and appreciated where he was at in his life.

I have never understood why men who strived for and achieve living in civilized housing additions then go out an buy tents or sheds on wheels so that on the weekend they could race off to live in places that are like Hooverville Huts of the last century. Why does sleeping on plywood, walking two blocks for a bathroom, and showering with people you might not want for neighbors sounds like good livin'?

In our case it is because there are trout streams right out the back door at the campgrounds. Once we came in off the New Mexico road, DH was raring to work in fishing as soon as possible. I was tired, too tired. But we washed up and unpacked, then turned around and packed up again. I will admit the weather was beautiful, the air cool. Normally I would write or read, but this time I was a little brain dead. I don't know where four days went.

While at the state park, we made the drive over to Arkansas for a nice lunch one day. Eureka Springs is a touristy town, lots of shops and eateries. We ate at an outdoor patio and enjoyed the fall weather. Then we visited a few shops, but both were tired and shopping wasn't too interesting. Except for a store called The Back Porch. This shop has moved four times in eighteen years. I have to hunt her sometimes. The shop is small but arranged nicely, not overloaded with stuff. The owner tastefully displays rabbits and birds, all sorts of garden things. This time I was nailed by a tea pot in a matter of seconds. I did not need one at all, but this white one called my name when I walked in.

I really like a certain feel of a pot's heft; I want only a certain handle, and I am choosy about the spout. But this teapot had no spout! Its spout looks more like a creamer lip. My mistake was picking it up and feeling how beautiful it felt in my hand. The owner said it was the last one she had from summer and no box, just the pot. I brought it home. I am anxious to have just the right day and time to test this new white teapot!


Sioux said...

The little curli-que on the top is awfully cute, too.

Marylin Warner said...

Eureka Springs is one of our favorite places! The switch-back roads up the hill with all the charming houses. I went to several Ozark Writers Inc. workshops there, always in October when the woods were alive with vivid colors, and while I attended the writing workshops and lectures, my husband Jim hiked and rode the train.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Claudia, I don't get it either. My idea of camping is a few nights at the Hyatt. LOL Love your teapot!

Susan said...

I like the teapot, too, Bookie. Very nice. Oh, I think I'd like checking out little shops and restaurants. Sounds like fun. Susan

Lynn said...

Cute teapot. My little sister would just love it seeings how she's a teapot lover. Also, caught up on all your other blogs since I was out of town... sounds like you were quite busy yourself with all your travels. Nice photos!