Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Centus/White Man's War

Today for Centus, Jenny gave us a picture prompt. The flag picture seemed right for Fourth of July moods. So in 100 words writers were to respond with fiction or poetry. For more entries, visit Jenny at
There are some nice entries and my own fiction is below.


                                                   Not Just a White Man’s War

Kelcie was from a family who would not talk. All family stories stayed buried by agreement. So when Uncle Milo White Bear asked for help cleaning out his garage in order to move to assisted living, she was astonished he would let anyone help.
 When she pulled out a ragged flag from the hump-backed trunk, she asked, “What is the deal with the torn flag?”

“Anzio. Our flag was being battered,” he said simply.

“And…,” she urged.

“So I took out two machine gun nests. Showed ‘em. Chief still a warrior!”

His bent fingers stroked the tattered flag.


Sioux said...

In 100 words or less, you came up with a moving story.

Your piece reminded me of what an important contribution the Navajo made when it came to sending secret messages during the war.

Well done.

Dreaming said...

Oh my... such emotion and so many pictures in so few words! Outstanding!

Susan said...

Hi Bookie....I wanted to keep on reading! Nice job. Susan

Anonymous said...

Very powerful piece! Thank you and I would love to read more of it; there is so much richness in this snippet!

Linda O'Connell said...

You have an amazing talent to be able to cram so many images and meanings into such a micro piece. Love it!

Tracy Cook said...

What an amazing post
Thank you

Jenny said...

This made me shiver.

It's odd how it felt like so much more than 100 words!

Powerful word crafting here! Really, really powerful!