Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saturday Centus/ Curtains of Despair


 The end of May and now the first of June have been an extremely trying time here. I have not been able to do my usual interests. But yesterday's Saturday Centus prompt of "I release all fears and doubts" gave me a little spark to pick up a pen this morning. What resulted started out a little dark, but I think light and airy won in the end. Odd piece I know, and I will admit to going a little over the word count for the first time ever. However, I think I will let it stand, for now anyway. Flog me with a wet noodle if you must! If you want to read more pieces written from this prompt, visit Jenny at
Curtains of Despair
I feel like drapery on a Victorian window,
Velvety heavy and downy dark, hems dragging the floor.
I can’t reach the sunlight though I know
Brightness is just beyond the towering oak.
What I want is to be a curtain again.
Can I become so if I release all fears and doubts?
I want to billow and beat against restraining wood,
To escape the casement.
I want to be unrestricted and light, supple with grace;
Live as a gauzy eggshell panel that hides nothing,
But exposes all, as does the windowpane.
I want to flow and flutter with ease of a prancing dancer on pink toes;
I want to frolic in freedom and flap on vibrating air.
Let the breeze blow!
Release my fabric and let me dance in the trembling wind.



Dreaming said...

I really love the images your writing created in my mind! Nice job.

Susan said...

Ohhhhh, I like it, Bookie. I never ever would have thought to have a piece in the words of a curtain! Very unique.

I hope things there will stabilize and get better real soon.

You are an amazing writer and an amazing woman. Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

This is remarkable. Submit it to Springfield Writer's Guild contest!

Ames said...

Well that just flowed so smoothly I had to go back and read it twice to find the prompt! LOL! Great!~Ames

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Jenny said...

To everything there is a season...

It's funny how we all want sunshine and light in our lives all the time...

When things feel grim we run around trying to cheer ourselves up and wondering why we are feeling blue.

I went to a healer once who told me that everything has it's season...and we should embrace the gray days as much as the sun-filled ones.

I'm worried about you Tom.

Running out of adrenaline can really cause a crash.

You've been pushing so hard and for so long.

If you didn't feel like a heavy velvet curtain I think something with would be wrong.

Or perhaps you just meant this as a story.

In which case...


Awesome imagery and writing as always!