Monday, June 17, 2013

Pupusas and Spanish Music

                                                               Pupusas and coleslaw...flan a la leche was dessert!
The local Episcopal Church is a beehive of activity and I like to check in there every once in a while. This morning, Father Ted taught the first of a two part class on walking a Labyrinth. Interesting that both labyrinths and prayer beads have been religious tools of all the major faith from all over the world.

                                                                    Father Steve and Father Palma before Encore.
Last Friday the church sponsored an Encore luncheon. Once a month you can eat for donation of $5, the cost of the ingredients for various meals. When Father Steve went to Turkey, he cooked foods from that country. During Lent they served fish in wildly unusual dishes. Friday it was pupusas from El Salvador cooked by Father Palma’s wife and mother.

Each Encore lunch has a brief program and Friday it was music by Father Palma’s Spanish band. Each lunch ends by 1:00 so people can get back to their jobs or daily lives. The lunches are a nice break with interesting foods and some kind of information or entertainment.

The music Friday was so energizing that Father Palma's mother and a lady named Deloris got up and danced a storm!


Susan said...

Oh my GOODNESS, Bookie. I LOVE pupusas. Did you try them?

When we lived in El Salvador, I LOVED eating them. There, they made them with "chufles" (sp?). It was a kind of flower! Yes, and they tasted delicious.

Oh, I do hope you tried them! Susan

Bookie said...

Oh golly, you lived in El Salvador! You must write about it on the blog. Yes, I tried these and loved them. I think there was zucchini in the them but ground rather fine. I loved the texture...and we used salsa on them if we wanted. So good! They are food that came down from the Mayans they said.

Rick Watson said...


Debora said...

Love it that your minister spoke about labyrinths. They are fascinating. We have a labyrinth at a local park that I've walked; it's a very spiritual experience. Wish more churches would build them on their grounds.