Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thrifting and Other Things

The weather is like frenzied child, throwing a tantrum one minute and cuddling up for hugs the next. Suddenly the weather has been perfectly gorgeous for two days. I am so grateful! You see that while the cold and wet has set farmers back a bit, this field of winter wheat is lush and flourishing.

 Early this morning,  I meandered out to the deck in a flannel robe for juice and muffin. Later DH joined me. There were so many different choruses of birdsong; the local rabbit hopped all over the yard. The flowers looked great although small; the skies were clear. We started reading and talking and dreaming and thinking…we read books and had lunch out there. The first thing we knew, the whole day was gone, but oh my, it felt good to be outside and unhurried and restful!

Friday I made the mistake of going to the store when the world was gathering up to “get away from it all” at the lakes and campgrounds of the Ozarks for Memorial Day. Lines of big trucks pulling campers and boats filed into the gas stations. At Wal-Mart, “way backs” on SUVs popped up while folks tucked beer, soda pop, and ice in waiting coolers. So I got my goods and then stopped by the thrift store, again filled with people. Shouldn’t they have been busy buying hot dogs instead of thrift?

I found a shelf organizer, a replacement spatula for one I broke, and a great picture frame for $1. For another $2 I brought home one nifty cobalt blue pickle or olive dish. I didn’t “need” it but thought it went well with all my blue and whites.

I recommend the movie MUD.

I recommend the book Mankiller about the first female tribal chief of the Cherokees.

My library just started providing eBooks to loan!

DH has learned to eat zucchini and like it!

My flag is out and flies in a gentle breeze. Tomorrow, may memories and gratitude fill your day.


                                                 Happy Memorial Day Weekend.


Anonymous said...
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Linda O'Connell said...

I like your weather description.
I met Mankiller in Oklahoma when I was in college. I will check out that book. Love that cobalt blue dish. Enjoy another pretty day.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Enjoy the lovely weather, Claudia. I hope it lasts!

Susan said...

Getting caught up on your posts, Bookie. Sounds like you had a nice pre-Memorial day. I like the idea of muffin and juice on the deck.

Hope all is better. Susan