Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fishing Season

We have all the amenities in our Ranch-style home plus a fair sized yard, much of it with wooden fencing, and nice fire pit waiting for a blaze. Our deck is under spreading trees and two steps inside freshly brewed tea can be found along with full bins of refreshing ice. But for some strange reason, DH prefers to load a camper with hand- held food , bottled water, a rick of wood, and drag it all miles to a state park to  line his Grapes of Wrath wagon in an endless row with others.  A cement shower  located a quarter mile away that doesn’t know Lysol personally added to wind blowing lawn chairs and plastic tablecloths are followed by an evening’s  smoky fire to complete the pleasure.

But being a good wife, I try to play along. I refuse to cook though. It is sandwiches, instant soup, and cookies for three days, my limit so far. I packed computer, books, Kindle, paper and meditations. While he fished, I would create, meditate, and vegetate. Three days later not much of that happened. DH decided he is old enough to not be first trout line in the water so he sleeps in a bit. Then he tires out sooner than he used to do. He needs a nap in the afternoon before going back to the trout stream after supper. When the park whistle blows, he thinks the alert means snack time!
Due to the aberrant weather, we were late this year. However, we managed to squeeze in a couple of days between freezing at night and coming rain-again. The first night was freezing, then it warmed the next day, with the third day being hot enough to remind us of summer and why we don’t camp or fish much in blazing sun.

One morning, DH took off from fishing, and we drove over to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It is a short and beautiful drive of about 20 minutes. I saw some favorite barns and the hillsides were perfectly green and inviting. You can see why people settled here, pushing the natives out of their hills and hollers and away from bubbling natural springs with healing waters.
There were also a few beginnings to summer wildflowers!
The town was fairly quiet as the summer season has not begun in full force. Some of my favorite stores have ceased to be this winter. The book store, run by one of the crabbiest women ever met, did not open on time. The Mud Street Café was not open on Tuesdays! We found a new place with outdoor seating though called Local Flavor. I think it will be our new favorite.


Rebecca said...

You paint a fine picture of a "happy camper"! Bless your heart for being such a good wife. (I think I would camp like you do and am kind of thankful my husband never took up fishing!)

Linda O'Connell said...

I remember the days of camping. I miss the outdoors but prefer the comfort of home at night. Thanks for the trip.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You're a wonderful wife to hit the camping trail with your beloved. I'm not much of a camper. My idea of camping is a night at the Hyatt. LOL You do make it look inviting, though!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Great photos, and what an adventure! There's nothing like the outdoors to get me in the mood to write. Eureka springs is a unique city. The OCW conference in Eureka Springs in October was my first ever back in the mid-90s, and one day I hope to make it back there.