Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waiting for a Hit

Modern technology offers us much for ease and comfort to our lives. Cell phones and email lets us stay in constant touch with friends and loved ones, but it also makes us vulnerable to telemarketers and spammers. Weather radar keeps us informed of what turbulence can come our way, but it also keeps us on the edge of our seat unnecessarily. Today we wait for an approaching storm that promises snow, ice, sleet, and rain for our Midwestern area.

Yesterday the robins came in and it looked like spring. I heard an immense amount of chattering and wondered if we were getting a starling attack. When I went to the picture window, I saw a flock of about 35 or more robins all over the yard, chirping their hearts out with joy. Did they know a storm was coming? Did they read their bird calendars wrong? I am hoping they won’t suffer in the coming storm.

I am like the robins and leaning towards spring myself. I am ready to begin thinking “outdoors”. I bought some flowers at the store just to have blooms around. I just knew they would look perfect in this this jewel I found in a Kentucky antique store last fall.  The lady only had two left and she bargained nicely.

This morning I thawed out some pumpkin I had processed last fall at the end of jack-o-lantern season. I have stirred up pumpkin custard and have Cool Whip ready. I dug out several cans of tomatoes ready for that icy day tomorrow. If it is as bad as predicted, a huge pot of homemade spaghetti sauce steaming on the stove will make us feel warm and cozy. Hum, wonder if I have yeast for bread?

So here we wait for a hit from Mother Nature. Maybe it won’t happen, but it is nice to know it is coming I guess. No surprises for us. The skies are already the dark shades of a tabby cat and the house has a chilly edge. I have books stacked (always) and a tea kettle at hand. I am ready for a winter blast before spring finds its way to us in the Ozarks foothills. 

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Susan said...

Hi Bookie....Sounds like you are well prepared in case of winter's icy blast.

Lovely vase and yellow roses!

Take good care and enjoy that spaghetti sauce. Yum! Susan