Monday, February 4, 2013

This is February?

The Super Bowl is over and the Academy Awards are coming. Yes, winter must be fading, right? Today it was 60 degrees, no wind, and not a cloud in the sky. There were a few song birds about on limbs just like spring. I know it is too soon, and that is why snow storms in February and March send me reeling! With warm days like this and January torn off the calendar, I am ready to move on for sure.

I went about numerous errands today without a coat. It was the most perfect air. I was in and out of the drive, in and out the doors. On one pass I made by our picture windows, I saw a brown back. Oh, since I have been imagining having a perfect brown dog I could name Biscuit, I went to see if one had appeared. Just as I opened the door and stepped to the rock wall of the porch, a monster reared on hind legs to meet me! I nearly died when I saw this dog. I talked to her as she seemed so friendly. But her paws on my rock wall were only slightly smaller than my own hands.

I could see she had a tag, but when I looked at her mouth. one that could take my arm up to the shoulder, I backed off from reaching under her chin. I talked to her, but I had to go on to the pharmacy. I left and she walked down to the neighbors. When I came back she was lying on the porch of some new neighbor’s house so I thought she was new too. I came home and started loading some boxes in the van for another trip out. Suddenly, she was behind me again…trapped in my own garage by this tail wagging Goliath. DH was coming in the back garage door at the same time. We gave her a drink and she was SO thirsty. Once satisfied with water, her jowls continued to drip like a drainpipe after a rain storm.

So we walked her down to the corner, knocked and no, she was not his dog. The young man next door walked over and no, he had no idea where this dog belonged. I could not see this dog go to the pound! So we finally took the number off the rabies tag and called. Miss Lily waited patiently while we called a vet that turned out to be 80 miles away! But his mother had moved to our town and he knew from the description this sweetheart had to be hers.
                                           Note the size of those feet!

So we all waited with Lily until her ride came. I was sad to see her leave, but then I knew I really didn't want those slobbering jowls all over my furniture or in my bed at night. Still this was the best part of my February day…meeting Miss Lily and seeing her returned safely to her home. 


Susan said...

Ohhhh, Claudia. You did your good deed for the day. You are right about the drooling jowls, though. Guess you are a doggie person rather than kitty? I'm a kitty person, myself. ANyway, maybe Lily will come back to visit. Susan

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

What a great looking dog! She was lucky you found her and took such good care of her.

BECKY said...

Oh, what a sweet story! I'm glad it ended happily for both you and the doggy! ....because as you said, she was a bit too dribbly for you! :)