Monday, February 25, 2013

German Chocolate and an Oscar or Two

The day is cold and damp. The rain started about noon and the weather forecast sounds like a repeat of last week for the Midwest. Our area expects 3-6 inches of snow this time instead of sleet. The warnings started yesterday on a warmish day. I went to the store and stocked up on milk, eggs, butter and such for the coming storm. I earned a free box of ice cream cones. But what were cones without ice cream. So I grabbed my favorite German Chocolate.

I had not had a chocolate cone in about two years. Oh, it sounded so good and seemed to be a special treat for Oscar night! Was it too much caffeine for the evening? Surely not, but DH and I both learned indeed it was. Both of us were wide awake until 1:30 in the morning. But oh, messed up sleep is nothing new here and for one night, German Chocolate ruled!

I looked forward to the Academy Awards and enjoyed sitting down for a slow watch. I knew only a little about Seth McFarlane and feared he would not be a good host. I thought he did well enough; jokes were low key and without much crude slamming of actors. I found his delivery relaxing.  I thought the evening’s clothes were beautiful and tasteful, reminiscent of old Hollywood stars. I loved the music. I respectfully disagree with Donald Trump who labeled the Oscars as boring. A man with so little taste should remain silent. As for his detecting Daniel Day Lewis’s English accent, it would be Irish if anything…but I think Trump was just digging for dirt.

What I loved most this year was the writing involved. Books and screen plays abounded that told stories of history, varied cultures and diverse emotions. The creativity involved with producing so many worthy films astounded me. Even personalities that don’t interest me…well, I could still appreciate the imaginative and inventive aspects they applied to their craft. I am not usually a fan of Quentin Tarantino and I haven’t his movie this year, but I will give him credit for his distinctive artistic interpretations made possible by talented actors.

I gasped when Jennifer Lawrence fell, I felt pride when Ben Affleck spoke without bitterness, I was thrilled to hear Hugh Jackman bolt out in song, and I teared up when Ann Hathaway subtly called for a society that could erase all Fontines, and I was amazed by the stylish and vibrant dress of Jane Fonda. From beginning to end I appreciated the evening with the stars...until I spent the next few hours wide awake under the stars. Now I wait for snow…life is a thrill a minute! 


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I'm with you, Claudia. We don't usually watch the Oscars, at least not from start to finish but we did this year. I agree with your assessment.

BECKY said...

I agree, too! I LOVED the show. I thought it was the best one in quite a few years. I liked Seth as the host, and as you said, his delivery was relaxing. I loved it that REAL actors from the movies nominated did some singing and dancing! And isn't Daniel Day Lewis the most extraordinary actor you've ever watched? Amazing!

Linda O'Connell said...

I fell asleep on the Oscars but when I awoke I glanced at the clock adn saw that it was 5. I went through my morning routine and at some point I looke up at the computer clock and saw that it was 2:30. I must be getting dyslexic, mistaking that 2 for a 5.

Susan said...

Hi Clauia...I didn't watch the Oscars but saw them through your eyes.

Thanks for stopping by. I think the idea of a bookstore is fabulous! I do have three empty rooms upstairs from the bakery and candy shops so yes, that is a real possibility. As you know, I do adore books.

Okay, well hope you have a good day. Another snowstorm was predicted here but it passed us by. Woo hoo. Bye bye snowstorm. Don't change your mind and come back again cuz we want SPRING! Susan

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Did you get a lot of snow? I am not into the Oscars, and I really didn't enjoy the show very much nor did I watch it from beginning to end. I am happy for Jennifer Lawerence and it is hard to believe that Jane Fonda is 75! For some reason, all the women looked so tall and many of the men looked very short.

I guess that I just wasn't in the mood, but I am happy that you guys enjoyed it.

Have a great week,

Kathy M.