Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wrapping Up November

                      Wrapping Up

As I wrap crunching plastic around bird baths,
Tying down against future frigid winds,
Squirrels scamper across deck boards,
Claw up corrugated tree trunks
With no time to chatter.
I drain hoses, store garden tools,
Replace hanging baskets of dying blooms
With thistle seed filled bird feeders;
I miss the summer songbirds already.
Carrying flowers pot to the garden shed,
I feel fading rays of November sun,
Lukewarm, like leftover breakfast toast.
Overhead a gaggle of geese glides by,
Wings waving on their southbound journey.
Pulling off my work gloves,
I rub the blossoming ache in my back.
In the late afternoon air, a pungent smell
Of moistness, possible snow, winter approaching.
Stepping across spiked, brittle grass,
Stomping through the downed leaves,
I head to this day’s end
Envisioning a reward for my work.
Already I feel the warmth from good Kenya tea,
Solace, steaming mug in hand-
Maybe a cookie or two before night finally falls. 
(Printed in TEA, 2010)

It is still Turkey weekend, but like many others we are moving on into Christmas season. Our Thanksgiving was fun and less work than usual as we were invited to friends' for the big day. They shared their kids and grandkids with us.  I took stuffed mushrooms, and we all nearly overdosed on them before the meal. Then home for movie marathon with our son which meant sci-fi and action. Since those aren’t our choices, we were introduced to new things inb film while others shopped. Ah, our time was quieter and more restful.

My sister and nieces came by on Friday afternoon. They brought me a present! It was a hanging tea cup. It could be a bird feeder or a small planter, but I hung it on the front porch where it would take less weather beatings. Pictures are poor as DH hung it up for me; I am too short even with camera lens for great picture.

A few weeks ago I stopped at a garage sale and got a steal on a Nativity set. I only wanted the three kings. My own three kings are the chalky plaster kind and are I have left of a set belonging to my Great Grandmother. However, they are almost worn out so these three kings caught my eye. Bought the whole set though including wonderful stable for mere pennies.

Then Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a quick run into the local flea market produced this Southwestern angel. I love the Southwest and there is not one mark on her…I bought her for 75 cents…a steal. I am going to sit her next to a small water color print I got from a painter near the cathedral in Santa Fe a few years ago. I also got a wreath for 75 cents that is already on the deck chair with tiny white lights for night.

So while our son made his four drive home, I tore down Thanksgiving and put up Christmas. It always makes such a big mess. No way to do one without the other here due to boxes, closets, etc. Some boxes of Christmas I don’t even get down anymore. Our prelit tree—I like better without the fuss of ornaments, although I have many favorites. The best part of the decoration to me is a pretty table with friends around it for tea or food. Things are ready…now to cook and invite!


Linda O'Connell said...

OMG that poem evokes so many emotions, has such rich sensory details. I am in awe! Glad your holiday was nice. I've been home for five days and I have had my fill od sci-fi and shoot 'em ups. It will be good to get back to school and another kind of noise.

marylin warner said...

"Stepping across spiked, brittle grass" took me back to early morning walks to school, cutting across our neighbor's yard to pet her dog, and hearing his paws and my boots crackling our way across the field. This was a wonderful poem.

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Claudia,
What a wonderful poem, so full of images, memories, and truth.

I love your hanging tea cup and three kings.

The photo of you, hubby and dog is great. Your home in the background looks like a reflection of you--warm and welcoming and full of surprises.

On to Christmas!

Lynn said...

Beautiful poem and picture!

Susan said...

Lovely, lovely poem, Bookie. I can see where it would be published. Loved it.

Also enjoyed reading about your special day.

Thanks for your faithful visits. Love having you stop by. Take care, my friend. Susan