Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rough Start to November

Darn, I hate to be sick! I simply don't have time for such. Then I should not complain because I have a warm house with lights to be sick in today! I hate hearing the stories of folks suffering anywhere, but right now along the East coast the stories are grim. Like the Joplin of tornado of 2011, the weather humbles us, brings us to our knees if only with compassionate pain for others.

Halloween ended quietly last week with pictures of my favorite little goblins emailed to me from Kentucky.

November started with a full day: exercise class, book club, and in the evening, I did a presentation on TEA for a local women's group. They got more than they ever expected on tea and the brewing of tea!

Friday morning was all mine and a real start to November. I took butternut squash and made fresh soup from a recipe a friend in St. Louis sent me. Oh, it was wonderful just like she said! (Esp. with Parmesan from The Hill!) But nothing else went right that day. Things just were out of step. Even reading in the afternoon on the deck did not go well. So I knew the next day when I got up that it was crash time for the old body.

Now, two days of sitting and aching...done with this. Tomorrow is Monday and still early in the month...I want to be raring to go!

**** Today's read was Castles in the Air, nonfiction about restoring a Welsh castle built in 1550 and now a home. If you long for details about stone walls, fireplaces, ghosts and this.


Rebecca said...

Take your time. Sleep all you can. It makes the time go faster :) I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. The book sounds good! I might look it up.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Sorry to hear you're ailing. Hope you feel better soon.

Susan said...

Oh Claudia! I've been missing you. No wonder! You are under-the-weather. So sorry to hear that. Hope tomorrow's sunrise brings MUCH better things. Your soup looks great! What's in it besides squash? Take care of yourself, dear Claudia. Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia, hope you are perky and feeling better soon. Take care.

Lynn said...

Hi Claudia - hope by now you're feeling better and things are moving along nicer!