Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

Those who are longtime readers of this page know my love of Blue Willow dishes. It all began as heartbreak when I was five years old and my own toy set was broken. When I finally had a home of my own as a newlywed, I found a used cup and saucer in the pattern. How I prized that blue and white! Then in the 70’s lots of Willow showed up in the pages of Country Living since Blue Willow was a common dish in Colonial and Primitive periods. My mother-in-law began to decorate and use blue and white which I loved. I started  picking up a plate here, a cup there. It was hard to find and DH got in on the search because he came to love the pattern too.

Suddenly, it feels like the dishes are breeding like rabbits. This table is just ONE plastic storage bin for the least used pieces. Then there are the loaded kitchen cabinets because I believe in using my loved things, not just owning them. The hutch, both above and below, is full. There are odd pieces out and about on tables.

So, I decided this weekend to gather it all up together and weed. But that is hard to do! DH would see a piece and say surely it was worth keeping. Then, what if things got broken? Here were replacements in our hoard. In the end, I did find some lesser pieces and duplicates I could sacrifice but not many.

Oh, downsizing is so painful because I love pieces like they are my children. Each was bought on a trip, on a memorable day, or somehow reminds me of the joy of the hunt. But…I must turn loose of something here in this house with hopes that someone will love my pieces for me. 


Susan said...

Oh Bookie, I know what you mean about how difficult downsizing is. Yikes. I say to myself, "Now Susan, you MUST start letting go of some of your dolls."

So I pick up a red head. No way. Then I pick up the dolly with the happy smile that makes ME smile. Uh uh

How about the little blonde with the red velvet coat? nooooooo

SO in the end, the dollies all go back to their perches and I walk away, saying, "Someday but not today." hee hee Susan

Grandma Swift said...

I too have too many dishes and I HAVE to par them down. The blue dishes are staying, and grandma's china, and the Christmas plates, but the Navy china and the old Phaltzgraf have to go. But the Homer Laughlin? I think they may have to find a new home where they will be loved. But I am with you - I use them all. How to decide? I must do this- there is not enough room in the downsize move coming up.

Linda O'Connell said...

I saw your dishes in GREEN and almost bought them, but realized, I'd have nowhere to store them. It is hard to part with treasures that have so many memories attached.

It rained here all morning yesterday!Did you get any?

Dee said...

I would have a very difficult time downsizing your beautiful collection especially with the memory's attached to them.


I also love the blue and white one like yours, except I have the Hutzenreuther onion pattern in blue and white...but than I love transfer in brown, black green, violet,!! Hugs,

Lynn said...

It is funny how at some point you realize you just have to let go. I have a harder time with books.