Friday, July 27, 2012

Cousin Cel Plant and More

My Cousin Cel Plant is about 17 years old. I keep taking starts from her for others and for myself. I got my own start from my friend Tracy who got her start from her real Cousin Cel years ago. We aren’t sure of the plant’s real name, but it is related to the African violet family. It is sometimes called trumpet vine, Flame violet, or Brown Boy. I am not sure all these are correct, however. The plant vines, but don’t turn it regularly towards the sun because it will twist on itself causing the heavy vines to break.

My own Cousin Cel sits in a west window. The leaves grow as big as saucers and in the height of the red flower phases, the tiny red trumpets can stream down towards the floor like a red waterfall. Eventually, the center of the plant looks sparse and a little ugly. Thus, I keep a start going to replant the pot and start over once a year or so. I give starts to others with the hope that there will always be a Cousin Cel growing somewhere for a needed start should my master plant ever die.

Last week’s dog sitting/fence building went well consider the severe heat. Wichita was one hot place! Fence building started at dawn, but by 11:00 a.m. outside was unbearable. While DH build fence, I wrote like crazy inside. The plan was to stop and do fun things after our work, but by then DH was so tired and rung out, we did little. Even to and from the truck was hot and sweltering. We did visit one estate sale, one Goodwill store, and our very favorite independent bookstore, the Watermark. We ate lunch there where all sandwiches are named after books. My favorite is The Godfather, salami and cheese on  ciabatta bread with a wonderful sauce inside.

Any visit with Storm is wonderful. No matter what is going on in our lives, this dog is joyous to see us, and it warms the heart to be so wanted. She was sad not to get but one ride because it was just too hot for her in the truck. One day I did take her to Sonic down the street for a quickie, and she said it was a good rain check for a longer ride later!

Just before leaving for this Wichita job, DH finished building himself a tool chest. I think it is pretty enough to be a piece of furniture. He 

turned the walnut knobs himself. The line of color in the drawer is cherry mixed with oak. He built his own wooden slides just to see if he could…and then they were money savers too.

The heat and drought continue to ravage the Midwest today.  A friend watered my flowers while I was gone or I would have crispy blooms. She managed to keep them alive. This morning I had my tea on the deck at 6 am. I was so tired still, it was hard to get up, but I knew if I did not feel outside air then, I would be trapped inside today. Even at dawn the air was warm but a delightful breeze made the air move at least. Gradually, I could feel the heat coming like hot fog arriving. It is good to be home though, and already I look forward to tomorrow’s dawn when I can be among my flowers for tea from a teapot for a short spell anyway.


Linda O'Connell said...

"like hot fog arriving." That is the perfect description of this heat wave.

Martha said...

Nice chest. It's been really hot here as well -- I will be glad to see a real relief in the heat!

The plant looks interesting. I am not familiar with it and I love it's name!

Anonymous said...

Made my day to see Cousin Cell's plant - love that it's thriving in so many places. She would love it too.
Storm has such a beautiful face; makes me miss my 'granddog' very much.
The tool chest is quite lovely; DH is a wonderful craftsman.

Dee said...

unusual... and pretty plant. Your husband did wonderful work building his tool chest.:)