Monday, July 30, 2012

Teacup Tuesday, Black Cup

It has been quite a while since I participated in Teacup Tuesday. I just had nothing new and I did not want anything new as I have NO place left in this house for “stuff”.  I have been weeding tiny things, one at a time. However, last week when we did the Wichita trip, I did visit one Goodwill, one estate sale, one gift shop, and one flea market. You know I did not come out the doors empty handed! A book here, a dollie there…you know how it goes.

I found a black cup and saucer. I had been wanting one black cup. I wasn’t crazy about the handle on this one, but I did love the black. I thought the white rose would somehow connect with other roses I have. I can’t find anything out about the mark with the knight, but I think this is Chugai China. It is stamped made in Occupied Japan. The cup was marked half price and I got the owner down another five dollars. It was a very decent buy.

At the estate sale, I bought one thing…a piece with lacy edge for $1.75. It is too large for a dollie, too small for a table cloth. It probably would fit nicely as a table topper, but I have no need for that. It would make a nice cover for an outside tea table. I am not sure how I will use it. Any suggestions?

At the flea market I found a brand new electric tea pot. I have been wanting one but not sure why. I do NOT need this, but I thought the pot prettier than some. It has never been used and the cord was still wrapped like it came from the factory. Surely, the need will arise when I will glad I have this, don’t you think?

Now rule here is, One Thing In, Two Go Out. Now I have to part with something. Hum, my math tells me six items should go out before I place these things. Oh, that is ridiculous, don’t you think? I will work on this!


Terri said...

Oh I love your new black cup! It has that amazing rose inside! I love the wavy edging too. It sounds like you got a really good price for it.
Love your doily and tea pot too. I would have brought them home as well!
I have the same rule now, the same amount of what came in now must go out : )


I love black too and this teacup is gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by sweet lady.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Nice to meet you! I love your teacup. So very unusual, and especially nice as it's Occupied Japan! Thanks for sharing your treasure!

Martha said...

Love that black tea cup -- you don't see that color very often.

Micupoftea~ said...

What an unusual cup! Thanks for sharing. Happy August :)

Linda O'Connell said...

I'm like you, I find something that really excites me, get it home and say, "Now, why did I do that?" My daughter has old dishes with the pink roses which were her mother-in-laws. She'd been buying missing pieces from antique malls. I went to New Hampshire and found an entire set for ten dollars.

Snap said...

Wonderful finds! Love the black teacup -- the rose just pops on the background! Cute teapot, too! Happy Tea Day!

Dee said...

I like your rule of one thing in...two go out. Six would be hard to follow...I wish I could help you with what to do with the dollie? The lace is beautiful on it.

KathyB. said...

The teacup says "drama", and rightly so.Lovely.

I think that is a very good rule ,but I would be tempted to just get rid of as many things as I just brought home. That would be hard enough.

I have an electric tea kettle and my husband & I have discovered we love it, and use it almost every day. For tea, soup, cocoa...sometimes even adding hot water to a pan needing soaking.It is a very pretty electric tea pot, I have never seen one like it.

Grandma Swift said...

Love the teapot! Somehow it reminds me of Scotland and tea in the afternoon. The dollie, just thinking out of the box here, could you use it on a bed in the center of a solid bedspread? Or add backing and filling to the center portion and make a lovely, big pillow with the lace edges hanging down?