Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brown Mansion in Coffeyville, Kansas

After visiting the Dalton Museum on Saturday’s road trip, we went out to see the Brown Mansion. So called because Mr. Brown built this three storied home with a full basement and included a ball room in 1906. It has been a glorious place to live in its day. Visitors can tour the entire home including the basement…something most museum type homes don’t allow. No pictures were allowed anymore due to damage on the old paint, but post cards can be purchased of most rooms.
Isn’t this library an inviting place? The entire house is heavy with rich hardwoods; however, it is not a dark place. So many windows and sun rooms allow light to stream in making the home such a cheerful place. However, the family had its difficulties here. The Browns had four children, but only the daughter lived to adulthood. All the boys died although one lived to twelve years old, but he had severe diabetes. The daughter Olive married and divorced. She had one son who also died. This daughter lived in the house until she was 88 years old, dying in 1961.

While the door isn’t noticeable in the picture, it is a gorgeous piece of work made from wood and Tiffany leaded glass. Just recently as small pane was cracked in a small earthquake. The appraisers put a price of one and a quarter million dollars on the door’s present worth.

Brown made his money in oil and gas, having also been associated with Frank Phillips of Oklahoma oil fame. The family was Catholic and attended Holy Name Catholic Church, also an old structure. The twin tower church was built about 1907.

And what would an outing be without a quick run through of at least one flea market? Just about to leave when I saw this delightful basket and snatched it up. Nice as it is, I made a mistake in that I was buying it to replace an existing tea basket. Hum, the lovely little doors on top aren't big enough for my tea pot to fit through. However, DH says he can used the small hinges, refashion a new lid, and we will have a traveling tea basket again!


Linda O'Connell said...

How fun! I am so happy to ride along on these trips. The basket is so cute. Glad hubby can fix it.

Rebecca said...

I just love looking at pictures of libraries/reading corners, etc. What an interesting house - the Brown Mansion! That must be one amazing door.

I'm sure you know you're blessed to have such a helpful and handy husband. I have one, too :)