Sunday, April 1, 2012


In writing, transitions are bridges from one idea to another. A transition can also move the reader from one day to another or merely move the reader to another time of the same day. In real life, I often see transitions more as endings rather than as bridges to anything.

I don’t mean I am totally inflexible to change. I do see that a transition can be to something better, something new or challenging. But too often, crossing over to the new means I have to say goodbye to the old. I am just not good with goodbyes or endings!
Not sleeping soundly anymore is one of my poor transitions at this age. Wow, does losing sleep play havoc with my days! I have given up all caffeine except my tea pots between 5 am and noon. The rest of the day I try to wear off the effects of my good black tea. Some nights, I just hate to go to bed because I want to do more, not waste time sleeping. But I am no longer able to stay up either as I am tired if not sleepy. So transition from day to night to day can be rough here.

This weekend I made a transition in my tea basket. I have a small basket (like Dorothy going to Oz!) that carries a hot pot, two mugs, spoons, tea, instant soup, and napkins for when we travel. But my basket was wearing out. When I saw this one at a flea market last week, I bought it as a replacement. DH thought it a good idea. What neither of us realized or even thought of was the two small ends did not open wide enough to put in the hot pot! Hum.

So this weekend DH made a new lid out of cherry. Using the original hinges on the basket he put this lid on so now we can carry everything plus some crackers or granola bars. A wee tad bigger than the old basket, it is still small enough to be convenient we think. While I hated to see the old basket go with its sweet gingham lining, it was time to make the transition. I bought the new basket for $5 and sold the old basket (dents and breaks included) for $2. So I think I have a deal here.


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Yes, I agree, you have a GREAT deal! I'm a morning coffee drinker, and decaf tea at night (Constant Comment is my favorite). You're basket makes tea sound very enticing!

irishoma said...

What a deal, and how clever. Your post today makes me want to go out and have a picnic lunch.

Lynn said...

Love the basket and that your DH was able to make it work! YAY, a bargain too! Hope you rest well soon.