Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do You Love Route 66?

This a commemorative plate celebrating Buffalo Ranch on Route 66 near Afton, Oklahoma. Did you ever visit Buffalo Ranch? I did and I rode my first pony there. And here was where I fell in love with my first buffalo!

Route 66, the Mother Road, takes a turn or two through our town.  What Route 66 means to me is that old TV show with one Corvette and two handsome, well-groomed young men and their escapades while they traveled the highway. Recently the old Boots Motel here in town was purchased with the idea that it would be restored so people could really stay overnight in one of the old courts that lined the highway. Supposedly, Clark Gable passed through town and slept in the Boots Motel formerly known as the Boots Courts. Hum, now that is one ghost I might like to meet!

East of here in Lebanon, Missouri, there are still a couple of landmark travel courts and grocery stores from the 66 era. Now there is also a very small museum housed in the same building as the local library. I have always wanted to stop when we zoomed through town, but never made it until coming back from Verses and Voices in Jefferson City.

      Doesn't this look like a great place for a journalist or writer of Route 66 years?

It is a small museum, but is a feast for the eyes if you can remember the "olden days". A reconstructed motel room shows you what you would have found on the Route in the earlier era. Also a juke joint...a filling station...all interesting to see and so well done. There is also a collection of salt and pepper shakers that were mementos of the period...some could be bought as souvenirs on the Mother Road.   

So do you have any special Route 66 memories?


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I really don't. All I know of Route 66 is from TV and movies...and now your blog post!

Lynn said...

My husband and I took a road trip - you guessed it, Route 66 as much as we could travel on it anyway since a lot of it is gone due to the new highways. We stopped at a lot of sites (we were heading to Arizona) and got some cool pictures.

Linda O'Connell said...

I remember taking road trips as a child. My dad would throw a mattress in the back of a panel truck and we'd hit the road on Rt 66.