Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poetry Give Away

National Poetry Month 2011 is half over, and I have done nothing extra yet. In the past, I have had students put their original poetry on shopping bags to be used in stores, sent classic poems on post cards to random names in the phone book, and mailed cards to friends about poetry month among other things. Last night I was pondering in my chair that faces my book shelves and wishing for a new poetry celebration idea or even a creative burst for a new poem. Then I saw my poetry shelf and knew I could do a poem give away on my blog!

I chose five very different poetry books to use for a give away and decided against drawing names this time. I want to do a different kind of give away. I will describe the books below and then the first person who leaves a comment on which specific poetry book they want, I will send it to them. Can’t beat a deal like that, so followers read on.

Gorrill’s Orchard….Jeanne E Clark is California poet involved with animal rescue. She walks her dogs in a local almond orchard, the origin of her book title. One of my favorite lines set in the Southwest: Houses like paper bags open atop the desert floor.

Landed….Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg is the present Kansas Poet Laureate. This book has a bonus of CD of poems and music too. Favorite line: Cranes pencil the sky.

The Red Window…Marianne Aweagon Broyles is a Native American poet with roots in both Maine and Tennessee. Favorite line: As you whip around a corner near the Tulsa fairgrounds, a man, shirt unbuttoned, salutes your truck’s appearance.

Songs for the Open Road: Poems of Travel and Adventure…this is an anthology of famous poets. Favorite line: My soul has grown deep like the rivers…Langston Hughes


Ames said...

Gorrill’s Orchard sounds like something that I would be interested in reading.~Ames

Bookie said...

Great Ames! This poet takes some work sometimes but her lines are nice read aloud and some images are extra fine.Send me a mailing address at bookwoman1015 dot sbcglobal dot net
I will try to get it out soon as I can in next week or so.

irishoma said...

Hi Claudia,
LANDED sounds great to me.
Donna V.

Rebecca said...

Since "irshoma" beat me to LANDED, my second choice will be Songs of the Open Road. Langston Hughes is among some of my favorite poets.

Thank you! What a great and generous idea for a give-away.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Hi Claudia - Great idea for a giveaway. Please count me out, as I had a lucky streak recently and won a number of books, so I'm flush. :) I do appreciate the talent of true poets. My poems usually end up as limericks. Back in high school I wrote poems...but they were pretty angsty and full of thee's and thou's and, well, you get the idea. LOL

Susan said...

Hello CLaudia...What a sweet idea for a giveaway. Very kind and generous of you. The ones I'd pick out are already spoken for but thank you so much.

Also, thanks for all your visits and comments to my log. I just love it when you visit. Susan