Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Items of Gratitude

We are between storm fronts here, and the air that was 70 dropped to 40 some hours ago and still hovers with a chill. With all the destruction in the world from weather, I can’t complain. Storms are forming to the west that might bring harshness, but I am just hoping Mother Nature will get her hormones in check and decide against hammering us all again.

Daughter-in-law went to the ER last night and had exploratory surgery this morning. It was a mere appendix case and the other fearful things were not there. Son spent a chunk of the same night in the basement with baby boys as the Columbus, Ohio storm came his way but did not set down any more horrors there. I have much to be grateful for in this week before Easter.

Grand dog Storm’s ligaments and meniscus surgery are going well said the vet. She is again bearing about 40% of her weight. She will go home to our son on Easter. I will miss her, but I am so happy she is mending.

Then my friend, an Easter bunny herself, dropped off a nice basket on my porch! Pat is creative and a giver. She quietly hops around on all the holidays leaving her friends cheery things. Take a look at this wonderful basket with the lovely things in it. I hate to take things out, as the basket looks so nice when complete. Inside the egg was a bracelet of beads in browns and turquoise that I could not have picked out better for myself had I tried.

Note the darling rabbit plate that will be perky piece of spring d├ęcor for years to come.

Then the mail came and I had a certificate for an honorable mention in a poetry contest sponsored by the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writer Guild Conference.

Another day ends and I have much to fill pages of a gratitude journal.


Susan said...

Oh, Claudia, congrats on the honorable mention. That was wonderful news. Your Easter basket from your friend is darling and our little easter towel, too. Thanks so much for sharing our happy news. So glad bad storms didn't pelt your area. Just cold here but nothing really not bearable. Susan

Ames said...

That's awesome about the certificate for an honorable mention in a poetry contest.Congratulations!! So glad to hear the storms are not as harsh as those that killed all the people over a course of a few states.
Glad your grand-dog is on the mend. Such nice things to be grateful for !~Ames

irishoma said...

Hi Claudia,
What a lovely basket, and congratulations on your poetry win.

BECKY said...

Congrats on your win, lovely basket from a wonderful friend, and so good to hear about the doggies!! :)

Barb Hodges said...

Claudia, congrats on your award. I love it when people show their gratefulness. I believe it adds sunshine to a person's day. I am glad the surgeries went well.(daughter-in-law, pet)Also that the storm did no harm. How sweet of your friend to leave those goodies. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Claudia! It was good seeing you at the conference, by the way. I passed on a couple of blogger awards to you, too. No obligation whatsoever if you're too busy or you've already accepted something similar and don't want to link back to it or do it again.

Take care!

Rebecca said...

Claudia, Congratulations on your poetry award! I, too, received a sweet piece of mail! I'm sitting here relaxing & reading the poetry. I'm thrilled to have received it. Our grandchildren just left. They were with me when I picked up the package and were about as thrilled as I was to receive it. Abigail loved the little box that the brooch was in - so I gave it to her to keep her "treasures" in.

I wore the brooch this morning. It was the finishing touch on my Easter jacket. Thank you for your generosity!

Hope you've continued to dodge the storms and that health is returning to your family (and pet).

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Hi Claudia - Wonderful, hopeful post. You had a scare or two, but the sun came out! Lovely basket, and congrats on your mention.

Betty Craker Henderson said...

I was there when they announced your award and was so happy for you. Congratulations! Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday. It poured rain on us but maybe you had sunshine. I hope so!

Jenny said...

What a lovely basket. Congratulations on your win!