Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's Pretend Spring!

 Okay, this week has been beautiful, scary, and sometimes felt like it was a month long. We have finally wedged a spot to the street where we could get out the drive if we had to do so. However, we truly need nothing so it is silly to step out into a deep freeze and get in the way of others who do have to fight both cold and snow covered roads.

Late last night when I heard another ball game on the telly, I thought I had to do something positive instead of vegetate. I was tired enough that reading would have put me to sleep I knew. I did not feel sharp witted enough to write. I had cleaned one bathroom earlier in the day, but I didn’t want to hug a broom or mop again. So I decided to part with my last poinsettia and snowmen tea pots and cups. Yes, I know, it is too early to think spring especially when you look out at a four foot pile of snow that might stand by the curb until St. Patrick’s Day! But…I needed some yellow!

So I folded the red tablecloth away and shook out the yellow. I decided I wanted lots of yellow and blues both. I dug around and found things. I have prettier placemats, but I wanted these out. I shopped in my own basket of pots and cups and found this tea pot. It is an Ellgreve ironstone from England. I bought it for a song at a flea market and then wasn’t sure I liked it. It has been put away for two years, but it fit my mood last night. She’ll stay out a while in this limbo season between winter and spring.

Then I remembered a little plaque a fellow blogger sent me. I meant for it to out on my deck wall in the spring with my Library Open sign and another tea plate, but when I remembered the yellow shades, I gave it a new spot for now inside. Just the right dash of yellow on the wall!

Besides cleaning and of course eating, I have been writing. This morning I finished a rough draft of a story I hope has a great future. Now the work begins to trim and tighten, to make sharp so the tale will pierce some editor’s heart with desire to publish!

Now, I rest from this snow day and prepare for another night at -6. Gee, those yellows feel warm!


Rebecca said...

I'm kind of where YOU are...Finally the longest month in my memory is over, and I find myself in the limbo season.

After reading this, I've decided to compile a short list to help me transition intentionally into "limbo".

sara said...

I am so tired of the cold!! I cannot wait until spring!! I just love the blue on your china, very pretty! Hopefully, someday, I will get to have something beautiful like that on display also....someday???

Susan said...

Hello Claudia...

Well, my gosh. You definitely brought a touch of spring to your corner of the world. Refreshing! You even found perky flowers! So pretty!

You know what? I never had anything blue in my house. Ever. But last year, when we were remodeling our kitchen with the dark green and pink rose wallpaper, (yes, that's what was on there), I decided to do the whole thing in blue and yellow. It's great! I love it. It's like I opened a dark closet and out came a bright and cheery bolt of sunshine!

Yep, so now, blue and yellow dominate the kitchen and I have blue in my house for the first time ever. Love that color combo now! Susan

Betty Craker Henderson said...

The yellow is beautiful. When I was a child I would dream of re-modeling my room with the blues and yellows and greens of spring and I still think of it now and then. It is lovely and bright and cheerful. Thank you.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Your "I (heart) Tea" plaque is awesome! I used to collect teapots but ran out of space. They take up a warehouse equivalent of shelf space. (My husband wondered if I wouldn't rather collect thimbles.) It looks like you've made good use of your snowed in time.

BECKY said...

Oh, Claudia! So pretty and "Springy"! Thanks for the burst of fresh air!