Friday, February 4, 2011

Books, Blogs, Beans, and BRRRRR

If at the end of the day you feel dog tired, maybe it is because you growled all day.

This delightful saying came from a book that arrived from Wales for Christmas. Note it is full of goodies that I want to remember because I have them marked.

Only supposed to see snow flurries today, but it has been snowing heavily now for over an hour. Wonder where this is going? Tomorrow is to hit above the freezing mark and Sunday to bring more snow and zero temps. Ah, one week of this is confinement, two weeks might mean insanity!

Well, I am determined to make USE of this time. Yesterday was wash the kitchen curtain, finish a story draft, sweep the floors of the top layer of crumbs, reschedule all the canceled appointments from the week, send out reminder for coming writer guild meeting, answer calls from house bound friends, and listen to some music that I never had time to get to. I am also skirting around blogs that often get by-passed.

One of the newer blogs for my reading is Lisa Richard Carlo’s Writing in the Buff. This is a handy dandy blog to book mark because not only does Lisa have a list of writing sites; she also has a tab full of paying markets. It is like having a little writing secretary for yourself because Lisa organizes all these writing helps for you. She is now running a contest at her blog aiming for garnering 100 Followers. You could win some nice prizes, but you can’t loose if you just sign up to follow this blog. Head on over to and look for yourself.

Night falls again as does the temp. Another frosty night ahead. I think ham and Anasazi beans or a lentil soup are in our future here. The mail is coming again, but Mr. Mailman is bringing only a bare bunch of bills and boring things for the box…where did all those B’s come from? I’d better bolt away from this computer before I become boring beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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