Friday, January 14, 2011


No, this is not the scene from my office window, but I wish it were. This is Three Cliffs at Gower Beach in Wales. I hope I got that right. It is a picture on the calendar that friends John and Gay sent from Wales where they live. It is a gorgeous picture, and I can almost hear the winter wind soughing in those beach grasses when my mind wanders, quite often, to the scene hanging over my desk.

January moves along and I have felt busy, but I have nothing new written. That is frustrating! This is the month when I outline bunches to be worked on during the year. I have a stack of tidbits in a folder but that is all. What have I been doing for Pete’s Sake?!?!

Well, trying to stay warm for one thing and living with the Shingle Man (disease, not roof) for another. Then there have been computer problems which meant talking on the phone (three hours solid in one call) to foreign lands, people all across America, and waiting for a service provider workman to show up at the door. Eight to 8:00 p.m. meant 12 hours, no 13 ½ hours, of waiting and then I called at 9:30 p. m. to say he never showed. (He actually arrived 44 hours later.) It seems that constantly there is some issue to tend to around here.

I am tired of seeing snowmen and pine cones about the house; I long for some silk daffodilse or even a pot of fresh tulips, but it is still only mid-January…a LOT of winter days left to go. I try to look another way and concentrate on looking for writing markets, reading a book or a writing article. I have made big pots of chili, vegetable or potato soups; I have made scones, biscuits, and popcorn. I continue to get at those morning exercises and have added a small Tai Chi class one morning a week.

Last night was the first Writers’ Guild meeting of the new year. It was so cold only about half the members showed up and some of them were late. Some were home with frozen pipes. Discussion was lively about the changing markets, e-publishing, self-publishing, Kindles, and conferences. No one had anything to critique; no one had much news. The consensus on the Missouri Writers’ Guild was the speakers were good, the distance far, and the expense a little too heavy for most writers here right now. There was a report on the Call to Write Conference sponsored by Christian Writers Fellowship in Pittsburg, Kansas. The fees are only $60-$80 for two days, lunch included. For many, there is no motel room needed making it less expensive to attend and still informative and supportive for writers.

The one good thing about this winter month so far is our Simon arrived a month early but safely on Wednesday. The doctors had just said he needed at least two more weeks, but baby ignored the instructions and kicked his way into the world. Although a preemie, he weighed 7.6 pounds so I guess he knew best! So the $500 to attend the St. Louis conference is quickly becoming ear marked for a trip to Kentucky I am thinking!

So excuse me while I got back and waste some time drooling over thoughts of this newborn before tackling a stack of books by my chair while Shingle Man naps.


irishoma said...

Hi Claudia,
Congratulations! What a wonderful way to celebrate the new year with a new grandson. Simon is a beauty!
Donna V.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on that beautiful grandboy! I like his name, too.

Your soups sound good; exercising efforts inspiring; computer problems frustrating.

I hope you can make a writers' workshop. It may jump start your next writing binge :)

Praying for relief and recovery for Shingle Man.

Ames said...

Awh he is so cute. God Bless him. I vote for the trip to KY. Nothing can replace the smell of a new baby and how it feels to rock them and hold them in your arms. You need to bond with him grandma, and take those 175 pictures of him! :) Stay warm. Wishing you sunny days ahead...soon!~Ames

Susan said...

Oh, Claudia, it was so good to see your post. Ohhhhhh, Simon is a precious angel. Imagine showing up in the world a month early, the little doll baby! Yes, I think you should definitely put the trip to Kentucky at the top of your priority list!

Today in the super I looked for a bouquet of roses but didn't find any. Boo hoo. Wanted to beautify the kitchen table. Better go to another supermarket that ALWAYS has them.

Okay, well, take care! Susan

Linda O'Connell said...

What a beautiful baby boy. Now you have all the inspiration you need to write. Start a journal and tell him all about his daddy, your son, (unless it's your daughter's child). Congratulations. As much as I would like to have met you at the conference, I certainly am all for spending the conference cash on a visit to this baby doll.

BECKY said...

Hi Claudia! Congrats on that darling baby grandson! I could smell his beautiful little newborn sweetness, just by looking at his picture! I'd love to see you in St. Louis, too...but of course, family comes first!