Friday, January 28, 2011

End of January Gift

Oh, yes, the end of January held a nice gift today—a sunny day with temps squeaking up to near 60. DH had lab work due so this was the day to get out and do it. This last week has held ups and down, disappointments, frustrations, and the potential for deep sorrow that won’t be known for sure for a few weeks. It was a great day to take a drive, soak up vitamin D sunshine, and accomplish a necessary chore.

We rose rather late for us (me) and slowly meandered towards Springfield. The sun coming in the windows and windshield made the inside of the car as toasty as a Florida beach! Taking exit 75 we went to Willard, a very small berg just three miles off the interstate where we stopped for lunch at the Back Porch Tea Room. We had never been there but thought today’s timing was right for a visit. Sitting in a strip mall, the Back Porch is done in Shabby Chique and is built into a florist’s shop along with a handful of antique booths. The décor was simple and spare but was done in the true flavor of a back porch.
The food was good but nothing extraordinary. Then again most tea rooms follow the same quiche, sandwich, soup routine. The Back Porch did the same. My salad was Greek and good but the chicken was sparse; Ritz crackers were nothing special. DH had soup and sandwich, choosing corn chowder that he said was very good. We both were shameful and ate dessert, Italian Crème cake. It was good but again not an outstanding version. DH had hot tea and was pleased to have a truly hot pot of water; I had iced tea and was disappointment since it was so weak I could have read the newspaper through the beverage.

Then on into the city where we stopped at Breadsmith, another naughty stop for us. (See a pattern on this warm winter day?) The special bread today was apple pie bread which will be for our supper with a pot of hot (and dark) tea. I also got a loaf of sourdough and Tuscan Herb Formaggio with cheese.

Then the lab work and right on to a stop at Barnes and Noble. DH poured over Solar Power magazines while I went mainly to get a copy of Glimmer Train. (Do any of you submit to Glimmer Train?) However, I was disappointed to learn the store no longer carried it. I also saw a good chunk of the story is now devoted to children’s toys, games and books along with another chunk going to sale of The Nook. Ah, not pleasing to me. I meandered and moseyed through the new books and the poetry and the sale books…I just was disappointed with it all. Could it have been me?

No, it wasn’t. Either I had read the books out on the tables or the ones they were pushing were just not enticing. I saw the pattern of novels around quilting, divorce, and Amish life themes. Biographies went to alcoholism, mental illness, horrid childhoods, or lame tales about second rate celebrities. I did pick up a paper back novel called Deep Down True, another story about a divorce and an awakening. Since winter is not over, I thought it might be a good story to have on hand for the next winter round.

That winter round comes this weekend as the forecast is for a wintery mix and 15 degrees on Sunday. NOT looking forward to that. But sunshine on the passenger side of the car today allowed my mind to rove and maybe some writing seeds were planted. Time will tell.


Rebecca said...

Bless your heart....sounds like kind of a mediocre day for ya!

We have Barnes & Noble here in a big mall and across the street a Borders. Borders is our favorite. We get there almost every week and catch up on magazine reading, etc.

Linda O'Connell said...

I felt the same way when I went into the bookstore. Your tea room looks enticing. Sounds like you had a great day. Our temp hit 45 but the weather is now ramping up for a projected BIG ONE midweek.

elysabeth said...

I used to get a subscription to Glimmer Train but don't any more. I have never submitted anything to them either. I don't think it's just the bookstores that are disappointing these days. In our small town, we have a limited amount of restaurants and the BK here - food is really disappointing but prices keep going up; the grocery store has the same old same old food every week and I like variety every once in a while, and again, the prices are going up. I'd heard that the B&N would not be doing author book signings any more (I think this just went into effect like last week or so) and that they are concentrating more and more on the NOOK reader and since they are doing TV ads geared for children's books, they are trying to sway the readership that way. This actually will be my topic of discussion (ebook readers for children's books) on my posting for the virtual tour I participate in (check February 23 to see where I am being featured). It seems that things are just not as enjoyable as they once were and either the portions are getting smaller or the price bigger or a combination of both and so we struggle to keep up with everything.

But the bread did sound wonderful - hope you enjoyed that. You have a way with words, hope you participate in the Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus - E :)

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