Monday, November 7, 2016

Another Monday Morning

Here it is another Monday morning in autumn. There is some light rain and every little bit the sun tries to peak out from gauzy clouds  like a shy dancer with a billowing scarf. The trash trucks have been by which thrills Miss Biscuit who loves to chase them from one corner of the yard to the next. Just say "trash truck" and she tilts her head before racing to the door.

I am between chemos with a rest period before tests. It does feel good to be out from under most of the chemo side effects for a bit. I have several appointments and things I want to do during this period, although too much is still tiring. I have been able to attend my book club, do a birthday luncheon, and attend a small group supper.

Saturday a Best Buy Geek set up a new tower for me. I am so glad to have the computer working again even if it now has Windows 10 which means I lost my Publisher. I do wish the world would leave well enough alone. Not all improvements are necessary or for the best.

Last night the door bell rang and Biscuit did her barking dance. I saw a man I did not know. When I opened the door I saw my California cousin. The man was also a cousin I had not seen since childhood. They had been talking of coming all fall, but when an uncle died last week they decided to do it and see all the family they could. They are two of ten children but were the only ones who could make the flight right now. It was such a surprise and meant a lot to see them here after so many years.

Last week I also read a good book, Eleanor and Hick, about Eleanor Roosevelt and the circle of friends, particularly women, who shared her life. The author was amazingly honest and yet tasteful in her book about the relationship between Eleanor and FDR and the times they lived in. I admired ER ass a young girl and to read about her again in this stage of my life I was moved and impressed all over again.

The next ten days or so hold many appointments for me including some fearful CAT scans. My life has very little worth sharing, but hopefully something will pop up between appointments that will be worth of writing a line or two. At least now I can write a blog page if I want with a computer that will work!!!

Here is hoping that tomorrow in America will go smoothly and that somehow we as a Nation will find civility once again! I know the boring 50's and tumultuous 60's and money raking 80's all were less than perfect, but right now I long for some of the rules and guidelines that shaped our lives then.
Be sure and vote somehow...some is a privilege to do so!!!!


Merlesworld said...

I hope all goes well with the test and treatment.
As for your elections we in this neck of the woods have heard as much about what is happening in USA than we hear about our own elections, much interest everywhere with this one.

Elephant's Child said...

How nice to get an unexpected (and welcome) family visit.
Good luck over the next month.
And Merle is right. We are hearing a LOT about your election. And watching anxiously.

Sioux said...

Claudia--I hope this next month is a wonderful one (and the months and years that follow, of course).

Nothing exciting has to happen... Just your everyday stuff is interesting, Claudia.

BECKY said...

Such a lovely description: "There is some light rain and every little bit the sun tries to peak out from gauzy clouds like a shy dancer with a billowing scarf." You're an amazing writer, Claudia! I would never think of those particular words to describe the sky!
I hope, too, that your next tests and results are all good.
How wonderful for a long distance cousin to visit! I talked with a cousin of mine on the phone the other day for 40 minutes and we laughed and reminisced a lot.
As far as the election this year: CRAZY! And I believe that social media is partly to blame. All the tweeting and facebook posts. So many people in the world seem to love "drama" and were blasting their "friends" and family, etc...way before political things heated up. Lord help us all...

Mary Horner said...

Good luck with your tests, sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

Susan said...

Always so good to see your posts, Bookie. Thankful for them. Hope you are enjoying each day and doing some things you love to do. I have always admired Eleanor Roosevelt, too. She was quite a lady, in the truest sense of the word and her life was not a bed of roses. Take care, dear Bookie. My prayers continue to be with you. Susan

Patricia A. Laster said...

ELECTION DAY morning in northeast Arkansas where I'm ensconced in the Safari Room at the Inn of Piggott. If you ever pass close to this town and have a little time, visit the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and the gem collection in a nearby building. The pool in the movie A Face in the Crowd, now filled in, was on these grounds. The innkeepers have redone every room of this old bank building into a Hemingway-related theme.
I am attending a writers' retreat with Andrea Hollander Budy as mentor. I write this to give you hope that such activities will be in your future. Love and prayers.