Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Chatter

It rained hard yesterday dumping four inches with some thunder and darkness. DH and I both were down physically so the day seemed very gloomy. This morning the dog and I opened the door to the deck where everything was soaking still. A chorus of crickets crooned songs in the wet grasses from every corner of the yard. A slight fog hung in the air like a mountain mist making the back yard feel like a highland valley, beautiful but not inviting for sitting with a tea cup.

The forecast is for returning sun and the 90’s again this week, but we know Yellowstone has had its first snow, the Tetons have four inches already, and our in-laws in Montana have had three nights of hard freeze ruining their garden.  There are many reminders that winter’s wrath hangs in the wings waiting for a chance to wallop us one day soon!

                                                       Picture of a Deck Past

My flowers are mostly dead, but a friend has brought mums. I have a few pumpkins, but nothing is like it used to be here. I looked up a picture of my deck years ago and was floored by the beauty then. Maybe someday I will have the energy and health to do it again. Meanwhile, I am overjoyed at any orange or yellow of the season I can manage.

I also found one of my all-time favorite pictures from New Mexico. This old truck sitting in a purple field cheers me every time I look at it. I have it on a bulletin board above my desk. It captures a life lived and the life bursting in the flowers. 


Patricia A. Laster said...

Beauty in your words,& in my head because of your words, and beauty in the photos, especially the deck past. How high is your deck off the ground? And which way does it face? This Saturday's been a good one for me: With cloudiness and relative coolness, I worked grooming and trimming a sunburned (my fault) begonia that I've had since 1987--a wedding gift from Mr. Laster's sister. I broke off 2 pieces overhanging the edge and put them in another pot. Fed and watered, they should bounce back by the time I need to bring them in. Then, I repotted a huge (yuuge) bougainvillea (80th b.d. gift from a daughter)adding better soil, food and water. It hasn't bloomed since the first blossoms fell off. Wish I could have tea with you. xoxxo

Elephant's Child said...

Thank you for the beauties you have shared. So much.

Sioux said...

Claudia--Soon, it will be my favorite season--fall. Your post reminded me of the brilliant colors I can look forward to.

In my opinion, your deck looks lovely. (And the picture of the purple field is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.)

Susan said...

So happy to see your post, Claudia. Yes! Your deck will be beautiful again another fall, for sure. Your mums look so vibrant and beautiful. Still praying for you daily. Hugs. Susan

BECKY said...

Thank goodness for old photos...whether they are in print, or digital! I love your description of the crickets and backyard, etc. Your words are always poetic. And I LOVE the beautiful purple field with the old truck, especially after clicking on it and seeing it much larger! That would be an award winner in a photo contest somewhere! Always thinking of you, Claudia!

Linda O'Connell said...

That field of purple flowers does it for me! Country Woman accepts photos, or maybe it's Country Magazine. Your deck decorations are delightful.

Well, it's back to summer weather here all week. I was hoping the temperature would drop a bit. Maybe next week. Hope you are both feeling better.