Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Carrying Wood

How much better it is
To carry wood to the fire
Than to moan about your life.
    From “The Clothes Pin” by Jane Kenyon

Hair at my house growing up was always a real issue, but that is another story. My hair was my one strong feature. It was long, thick and comforting to my head. Among other things, chemo wrecked that too. Huge handfuls of long brown hair came out in my hands. The long hair knotted up in the hair still rooted to my head and the weight actually made my scalp hurt.

So my friend/beautician helped me take OFF my hair. It was harder on her and my husband to see than it was for me I think. But I survived. In fact, there are some mighty nice features about being bald. It is easy to care for, washing my head is a breeze, and it has eliminated $$$$  worth of shampoos and conditioners! Do I dare show my face? Yes, I think I do. On a day that I feel decent, my ear rings make me feel even better and being bald means I am still kicking at least!

The local Cancer Society gave me a free wig. I thought this was amazing and so comforting. It gave me options. I was pretty sick the day I sat in the chair and later I ordered another to give me some of my length back. Chemo makes your skin a pasty color. When I put on hair in my color, I looked terrible. So some new shades were needed. So many changes in my life, and some are not bad at all. 

                                              Taken a month earlier when definitely less light in my eyes!


Sioux said...

Honestly, Claudia--I think you look the most lovely without a wig. You look sassy and fierce and edgy.

But that's just me. Whatever makes you feel gorgeous and happy.

(By the way, your head is perfectly shaped. Who knows what kind of lumps and ridges and odd angles is under MY hair...)

Mevely317 said...

Your smile's 10 times brighter than any hair!

Elephant's Child said...

LOVE that smile. And the earrings. And the attitude.
Go you.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You totally rock the bald head! You look amazing! I'm in agreement with Sioux here---you look sassy, fierce, and edgy. In a word, beautiful.

My daughter used to work with a young lady who was born with alopecia. She was bald from the time she was a little girl, had no eyebrows or eyelashes either. My daughter knew her in her 20s, and the young lady had embraced the baldness. She had wigs in every color and style, but wore them---or not---according to her mood. "I felt like being a redhead today," she would say, or, if she wore no wig (she often went wigless in the summer), "I got new earrings and wanted to show them off." She was strong and confident, and beautiful. Just like you. :)

Susan said...

Dear Bookie....You are brave, courageous and alive! I was so happy to see that bald head and smile that I almost cried at breakfast today. You are kicking C's butt and that counts a LOT.
Bookie, you look WONDERFUL. Hugs. Susan

Patricia A. Laster said...

Bravo to you!!! Keep on keeping the moxie on. Fight the darned C with all you've got. Take strength also from your loving friends--seen and unseen; known and unknown. We love you.

Linda O'Connell said...

My first baby was born with that kind of perfectly round bald head, so I sort of like the baldness. Actually you are rocking the wigs, too. You have lifted MY spirits with this post. Your winning smile speaks to all of us. Hugs and continued prayers.

Rebecca said...

Instead of repeating what the others have already said, I'll just say, "I agree!" Your earrings are fabulous, too! Did you wear them as much "before"????

BECKY said...

You definitely ROCK, Claudia! And my gosh, your bright eyes and smile are just beautiful. You look 10 years younger in these newer photos. Keep on keepin' on!