Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Begins

Time here has been swallowed by issues and demands and responsibilities. When we are at home it is 97 degrees with heat index of 110! Yesterday was to be cooler index at least, but we had to head out early. Father-in-law (99) had been taken to hospital day before with rectal bleeding and we were waiting for news as we handled other family issues. I got up early and stepped out to deck for cup of tea alone before the day cranked up.  

The first thing I saw was a Charlotte’s Web complete with industrious spider spinning between two poles on the deck. Then while watching I saw a hummingbird flit by and hit a red flower.  They are not here all summer, but our house is on the migration path during September. Hum, this guy was early. Then I remembered it was the last day of July.

So this morning I turned over a new calendar at 5:00 am. Imagine my surprise when I opened the deck door and found it 68 degrees outside!! It actually felt chilly! I could not pass the cool up and grabbed Biscuit’s leash, and believe it or not, a jacket. We took a short walk, then threw out some poor dying flowers, watered the rest, and headed for the farmers’ market. A McD breakfast in the car to share with Miss Biscuit and home again to begin work that had been left unattended as we did other things this week. I saw two more hummingbirds surfing my flower for sweetness. The day gradually warmed backup to feel like summer again.

We have looked for houses for our younger son who will move to SE Kansas in September. Almost bought one until DH found in crawl space that the house was sitting on house jacks due to severe termite damage. Our only other choice was house in a flood plain that requires government flood insurance---added expense of $40,000 on 30 year loan.  I have shed tears with my sister over her having to move to Indianapolis to survive financially, but this week she did find an apartment she will move to in mid-August. The news is inconclusive on the father-in-law, but best scenario might be pretty grim. Last night, home tired and beaten, the washing machine decided to flood the utility room.

So yes, August arrived this morning bringing with it the things August does. Hot days and maybe cooler nights. The sun’s rays are still hot, but now the air will have that hazy look, the one that appears to be hot air giving up and beginning to move out for autumn. Spiders work, hummingbirds migrate, schools open again. Soon we won’t hear the wren songs anymore. It has been a trying summer, not gotten much of the favorite summer fun things done. August always makes a nice bridge into autumn, and we can hope that in the coming season, we will have time to relish and appreciate our fall more than we did our summer.


Elephant's Child said...

Oh Bookie.
I hope life eases up for you soon.
Oceans of caring.

Sioux said...

If the nights were a lot cooler, I'd love it. Perhaps I need to wait until September or October?

Linda O'Connell said...

"August makes a nice bridge into autumn." What beautiful sentence.

I have been trying to read a particular book for three weeks, and something always gets in the way of my relaxation.

Hope you find a place for your son. Ah, the washing machine debacle. I say, it's always something. Came home to our dryer hot to the touch. it smelled HOT. The sensor went out and it had been running for hours while we were gone. There you go...always something.

Susan said...

Hello Bookie....

So sorry to hear of FIL's health problems. So very sorry. Poor fellow.

The hot month of August is upon us, too. I do like the early morning and late evening coolness, however.

Savoring each second of this summer season. Hugs. Susan

Lynn said...

Hope everything turns out okay with all your relatives... house hunting and the challenges of home (got the same thing going on here), but life is good all in all. I've been out of blog world for a while, would rather pen a letter and I believe I'm due to write one to you! Take care.

Patricia A. Laster said...

If it's not one thing, it's 3 more! Sorry for your pain/anguish and dis-ease, but perhaps the new month will hold hope and promise. I, too, liked the phrase, "August makes a nice bridge into autumn." Always hope, huh? Which is a good thing.
I spent the first day and night of the month with my BFF an hour's drive northeast. Feel refreshed. The only unpleasant things awaiting me are the wilted zinnias and the odor of the cat boxes. Those can be remedied easily.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Oh, Claudia! So many difficulties, and yet you still managed to find joy---the spinning spider, the hummingbirds, the cooler temps. That says so much about you. AND you cheered me, too, when I pulled up your blog and the first thing I saw was that happy sunflower. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. May life bring you calmer waters very soon.