Thursday, April 30, 2015

At Last!

The sun shines! It has been a perfect two days here, finally. When we saw we had nearly four days in a row without rain and with sun and with the right temperature range, we set about preparing the deck. I unloaded most of it and DH helped with those heavy bird baths and concrete angels. Then he sealed yesterday. We have put back everything including some flowers. We can declare the deck open for 2015!

Yesterday was busy all around and when I stepped out on the front porch to fetch the mail, I walked into a humming cloud. I was swarmed by bees. Then I really listened and the buzz was a low roar. In a few minutes time they went over the roof and into the neighbor’s yard. Then we saw them form in a tree. They settled down, all hanging together. By evening they were gone again. It was an amazing sight.

In the afternoon another amazing sound….it was the song of a house wren. DH had just rehung the birdhouse the day before, just in time. The tiny bird pair worked two houses, back and forth. Again today the wrens were busy building and singing. What a joyous noise!

DH painted this metal chair for me, although he can’t understand why I keep it. It is one of four to a 1940 dinette set and they are worn out. But this was my grandparents’ kitchen set when they moved to Kansas before WWII. It became my mother’s kitchen set in 1947 and I remember it in my childhood kitchen until it was replaced years later. Then it went to the basement where we sat under the table waiting for tornadoes to pass over! Then I started my own marriage with it, using it at least a decade. Originally red and white…then brown…and now this one chair a yellow I love on the deck!

Tomorrow morning…maybe a tea pot out there to celebrate the deck opening and to appreciate the early hours of a new day. 


Sioux said...

Claudia--The grass--a brilliant green--and all the flowers that are already blooming... Spring is here.

It sounds like you're already enjoying it.

Susan said...

Oh Claudia...SO happy spring has sprung for you. Love your cobalt "flowes." Yes! Have tea on the deck and enjoy every second. So HAPPY for you it is here at last. Susan

Anonymous said...

I completely understand your attachment to that old chair.

Linda O'Connell said...

That chair is a treasure. I know how happy you are being on the deck. It looks lovely.

Linda O'Connell said...

That chair is a treasure. I know how happy you are being on the deck. It looks lovely.

Marylin Warner said...

WOW! The story of the flight of the bees is amazing, Claudia. We had a wasp hive under the corner of our picnic table last year, and we didn't realize it until a friend was stung.
All your yard and flower pictures are beautiful, but my favorite is the chair from the WWII set...and the wonderful statue of the girl reading. It's a perfect combination!